Saturday, September 29, 2012

The World's Largest Thermometer! Finally.

Welcome back!  Seems my posts about Baker, CA have brought quite a bit of attention to my blog.  Whether you landed here in your search for aliens, beef jerky, or extremely large (and rather elusive) thermometers... GREETINGS!  And welcome.

Ok, back to Baker.  (If this is your first time here and you actually want the back story, you can start reading here.  However, it is not absolutely necessary.)

Before we get to the World's Largest Thermometer! I feel the need to mention another stop in Baker.  One that made Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" featured on the Food Network, The Mad Greek. Signs were everywhere clamoring for my attention stating they were "World Famous." However, I was not that hungry, I am not a huge fan of Greek food, and I had my sites set on bigger things. Much. Bigger. Although, in hindsight, I could kick myself for not at least taking pictures of the place.  But, like I said, I was preoccupied. That and I had my Mom's voice nagging me about the whole "Ball of Twine" thing.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Alien Fresh Jerky

Better than The Biggest Ball of Twine (part 2) or Alien Fresh Jerky - The inside!

Yesterday, I showed you the outside of Alien Fresh Jerky.  Today, I take you inside.  With out all the extra chatter, let's get right into the pictures. Now, keep in mind we didn't take pictures of everything. I didn't want to look like a desperate blogger in need of something to write about, so we aimed for pathetic tourist instead.  So ya, we didn't miss much.

Like any good Alien based tourist attraction, there were plenty of little visitors on hand to welcome us:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Better Than The Biggest Ball of Twine!

Over this last weekend, I got to scratch something off my bucket list.  But first, a quick back story:

At 3:08 am on September the 16th, my beloved Grandmother passed away.  She was my very last grandparent. 2 days later, I turned 40. In short, life stared me straight in the eyes and bitch slapped me hard with reality.  Then, to add to my already altered state of mind, I was tossed into our SUV and subjected to 12 hours of close confined and torturous hell with my Father, Bruce and our 3 lovely children.  (Yes, you should assume a sarcastic tone when you read the "lovely" part.) Our destination? Laughlin (and then Las Vegas), Nevada.  And the only thing worse, was the 14+ hour ride home.

But it wasn't all bad. --  Yes.  I played a bit and lost. But that wasn't the highlight of the trip.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hellooooooo Russia!!!

So, I was poking around in my stats (because I like feeling bad about how few people actually view my blood, sweat, and tears) and I clicked on the "Traffic Sources" tab.  Would you believe I have more visitors from Russia than I do from the U.S.?  That just blew me away!  Obviously, they are all lurkers (along with the other 99.9999% of you who visit.  Sad really.  I like comments.  Really.  I do.) But that is OK!  It feels fabulous to know I'm not just talking to myself.

Well.... kinda.  I mean, I AM still just talking to myself, but at least I now know some one's watching me do it.

Wait.  That sounds creepy.

Eh.  They are probably here for the fabulous picture of the "tick tock" clock embedded in my "Hello Insomnia, My Old Friend" post. (Thanks Google!)

But I digress... back to the topic at hand.  
Helloooooo RUSSIA!!!! 

 For whatever reason you have stopped by, WELCOME!!!   And... Thanks! 

I feel so worldly now.  ;0)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Bubba! ~~~ Very Much Belated!

Oh wow.  I have failed as a bloggy mom, in more ways than one!  I thought I posted this the day after my son's birthday, come to find it hiding in the "edit" file.  No wonder it never showed up on anyone's Comment Luv!  CRAP!  Sorry baby boy.  Mommy does love you.  She's just a hot mess of a blogger.

Well, better late than never, I guess.  

Yesterday was my son's 7th birthday.  He was excited because he made it to the doubld syllables.  Se-ven. He thinks that big, wait 'til he turns eleven. ;0)

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Flunking Back to the 5th Grade at 40

No one ever tells you that when you have kids, you will be forced to repeat your entire school career.  Starting with macaroni necklaces and finger paints, baby!  Yup. So get comfy in rehashing everything you learned (and all that you didn't) with no end in sight for the next 12+ years!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Help Others, Yes. But Know Your Limitations.

Domestic violence is my biggest pet peeve.  I have been a victim of it in the past, so have several members of my family and close circle of friends.  So when I was recently asked to help out someone (who had children) out, I did without question.  However, I knew my limits and I made them clear. Sadly, all attempts to help were for not. The person moved back into the situation. As frustrated as I was over this, I knew it was a possibility. You can only help those who are ready to help themselves. It became abundantly apparent to me just how important the limits I had set were.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey Ya'll!   It's me. 

What do you mean me who?!?   I know it's been awhile, but....

It's KID!  Tracey?  You know... the person who's blog you are currently reading?


Ok, I deserve that.  It has been quite awhile.  And I did promise to post stuff and didn't.  I know. I know.  Bad Blogger!  BAD BLOGGER!!!

But can I show you why?  Real quick like?   And then, I will let go back to being mad at me. 

All 5 of my beautiful babies!

Let's just say it is has been a fabulous, albeit hectic, summer.  One that has made me feel loved and tested.  All at the same time.

I hope you now understand my absence.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Everyone loves cookies.  I have never met a person who hated cookies.  However, at the same time, not all cookies are loved (or liked) by everyone.  There are some cookies out there that melt in your mouth and leave behind a certain euforia that compells you to stuff a million more in your face in the hopes of relieving it.  There are other cookies out there that leave something behind not so desirable that compells you to find a tounge scrapper and a toothbrush!  When trying new cookies for the first time, I am hoping it's the first kind, praying it's not the second kind, but pretty sure it will land somewhere in between.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Then There Was 5

UPDATED!!  See below...

Yesterday, I got that box of fabulous freebies.  The fake nails peeked my interest.  Mind you, I bite my nails.  A lot.  I mean, A LOT a lot.  Like, A LOT a lot a lot.  Seriously.. ok, I'll stop.  I started when I was 6, the same year I stopped suckin' my thumb. *insert joke about oral fixation here*  Now, STOP JUDGING ME!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm an Official Products Review... Type... Person.

Today I got something really kick butt in the mail.  A box filled with goodies for me and the kids.  No, I don't have a secret admirer.  Actually, if I did and they sent me fake nails, a cookie and a bar of soap, I would really be worried. 

No, all is good.  I actually signed up for randomness to be sent my way.  I joined a new website called  Really cool little website.  When you join, they have you fill out these surveys so they can learn more about you.  Then they give you badges.  The more badges you collect, the better your chances are of receiving what they call a VoxBox.  VoxBoxes are little white boxes filled with awesome products you get to try out, review and KEEP!  Best part... it's free!

Today, I recieved my first VoxBox.  The boxes are usually themed.  The theme for my first box?  Mom. Of course.   And it did NOT disappoint.  I guess you could say, VoxBox Rocks.  *waa-waa-waaaa*

The only catch (and it's not really much of a catch) is you have to share your opinions on it's contents.

So... with out further ado...  my most recent vlog... on Influnester and Vox Box for Moms:

Now that you've seen and heard what it's all about, go and sign up.  Get your freebie on!

I'll be back to post the individual reviews for each of the items later this week.

Until then,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Delectable Dozen

12 years ago tonight, I met the man of my dreams.

Well... ok, he wasn't the man of my dreams at the time.  Nope.  Not even close!  Back then, I was dreaming of a tall, dark haired, Rock-a-Billie with a dancing addiction and the finances to fund it!  So when I was blind sided by the affections of a blond haired practically homeless computer nerd with 2 left feet that stood (maybe) 2 inches taller than me, I smiled sweetly while thinking to myself "Not on your life!"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Karen Huff Klein Bullied on the Bus by BRATS! - a mom's rant

Have you seen this?!?

I wrote a comment on one of the many youtube posts about this.  The space alotted was not nearly long enough for me to get my rant out.   That's what blogs are for, right?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ah June... The Most Chaotic Month.

And here you thought that was December.  HA!

I'm sure I have mentioned in years past (wait.... did I just say years?) that June is a busy month around here.  Graduation and Daddy's Day obviously.  Everyone deals with at least one of those, right?  Ok, maybe not all. (quick nod to my peeps with sperm donors).  Now sprinkle in 2 birthdays and an anniversary.  And here's the kicker: All with in a 2 week span.   Fun. Times!  *ahem* not.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schooooool's Out For the Summer!

Today was the last day of school.  Busy day too. 

Cait wanted cupcakes in her class to celebrate her birthday, which isn't until the 19th, but she really wanted to do something with her classmates.  I get it.  Sucks having a summer birthday... if you're a kid.  Like I want all those brats and their parents at my place!  We know enough people with kids, I don't need to invite 30 or more kids I barely know and their parents for an extended moment of awkwardness.  I'm good!  So, ya.  Cupcakes in her class?  I'm good with that.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's Saturday! WTHeck?

It is currently 7:53 in the morning on a Saturday.   Why am I up? 

It's a Sa. Tur. Day!  Saturday!

No need to be up. 

But here I am.

With coffee.

Now what?

Ah yes... enjoy the lack of chaos.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 Weeks Left of School!

(Welcome to my hum-drum 100th post. May we be around for 100 more.  And may they be not so hum-drum.)

I am so excited!  The kids have 2 more weeks left of school.  Then, it's no more homework, no more projects and no more PTO!!!  Don't get me wrong. I love being involved and all, but... damn. I am only one person.

That been said..

Crap! 2 more weeks left of school!  I have no plans on what to do with my schedule driven children once school is out!  What in the world am I going to do?!?  They are going to drive me nuts 3 days a week with no car to take us anywhere.  I love them and all, but ... damn.  I am only one person!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

P&G Rebate - Updated!

While I would love to say my video worked, it didn't.  But contacting P&G through their website, did!  With out any arguments, questioning, or giving me the run around, they apologized for my inconvenience and sent me a $10 debit card for my troubles.

Damn.  Love it!

Procter & Gamble, you had me at "debit card." 


Cymbalta! Finally!

After several tiring weeks of med changes, horrific mood swings and putting my family through hell, I have finally been granted the ever coveted Prior Authorization for Cymbalta from the wanna-be-deities at Molina Health! And their names shall be Lucifer and Beelzebub!!  *deep breath*

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real Quick Update on PG Rebate BS

They never got back to me.  Not even from the email I sent.  Whatever.  My friend (fellow blogger/vlogger) MomtoDeshawn a.k.a. Tina of Saving with Tina!, came to my rescue with the much needed, 12 digit long UPC code I needed to send in my rebate form.  Thank you Tina.  You Rock!

As for P&G.... seriously disappointed.  Thanks for nothing.  ;0p

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maurice Sendak - RIP

Growing up, I had 3 loves: my cat, strawberries, and my books.  As I got older, my love for the latter turned into a full blown hobby of collecting children's books.  With the birth of the Internet, came the opportunity to expand my collection and even sell some of it for profit.  It also was the birth of my online nic: KidLit!  I even got jobs and joined activities that surrounded my love for the written word for small people.  Eventually, I furthered that love by having children of my own and sharing with them, my collection.  Many of said books have been loved beyond what most would consider a usable/readable state of being.  For that reason, I have a shelf of "untouchables" comprised of my favorite 5 authors: Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Theo LeSieg), Shel Silverstein, Eric Carle, Jon Scieszka (added about 10 years ago), and Maurice Sendak. Needless to say, the news of Mr. Sendak's passing today was quite a blow.

Forever Hold Hell w/ Procter & Gamble!

Today, I set out to fill out a rebate form.  Seemed simple enough.   WRONG!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Too Ugly to Vlog.

My last entry slammed Welbutrin.  Rather, the effects I was experiencing on Welbutrin.  You would have thought by the size of my rant, they would have taken me off it.  Nope.  They upped it.  To my surprise, it's working.  Sort of.  I'm not depression like I was, but I am still irritable, anxiety ridden and self loathing. 

I tried to take a suggestion from The Bloggess and video tape myself ranting about... myself.  Ya, that made it worse.  Sort of.  My last attempt made me realize I could never vlog because... well... I'm too ugly.  To me anyway.  It also brought me to another realization.  In order to eliminate my self loathing, I need to work on my self esteem, because that won't change with out some work, no matter how good the drugs are.  All this "realization" yet another realization: Things won't change unless I do something about it and I won't do that unless I put myself on blast.  And that's what I'm about to do. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Med Changes... Again.

Welbutrin.   I can honestly say, I am not a fan.  So far, my side affects of this "anti-depressant" have included: crying, worthlessness, overwhelming thoughts, anxiety, frustration, bouts of confusion, hopelessness, .... I could go on.   Can we say "Epic FAIL?!?!?"  

So this "failure list" has been successful.  

"Failure List?"  I see some of your scratching your heads.  Let me explain.

In California, (... edited to make a long story short and to eliminate all the nasty things I really want to say, but won't...) they made cut backs, which included cuts to Medi-cal for those with disabilities. Understandable, but annoying (and other choice things I will again leave out.) Those with disabilities had to pick a secondary provider to cover some of the costs.  The provider I now have is Molina Health.  Molina is also doing major cut backs. (Again. Understandable.)  However, one of the  wonderful cuts included the one and only medicine that works best for my disorder. Cymbalta. Now, this does not mean they will NOT give it to me. It just means I have to try a laundry list of medications they think are "comparable" first.

So, in order to get the medicine I know works for me, I must try a shit load of meds and FAIL! I must put my health at RISK in order to get what I need.  To save them money.  Really?!?! And... would you believe, that my (non-Molina) doctor has that list typed up and in my file with a glaring title on the top that reads: "Medicine Failure List."  Not only that, but it has a note attached from Molina that says, "Cymbalta will be provided when all other medicines fail."  



I have 3 kids.  Had these meds been too much of a failure, it could have cost them their mom!  Luckily, I have one hell of a support team around me. It could have been much worse.  These kids should not have had to see their mother go through hell and back so Molina could save a buck or two. Or am I wrong?  Honestly, I can NOT be the only one that sees the real epic fail in all this.

No matter.  I have "successfully failed" the last of the list.  Hopefully, this means the proper meds can now be made available to me and I can go back to being my normal awesome (albeit, weird) self soon. 

Namaste, Ya'll.

Friday, April 6, 2012

the crazy life continues...

After less than two weeks of roller coaster hell, the verdict is in and the Effexor is out. A week or more of mania might sound like fun, but it isn't. Or rather, the crash landing isn't. I just called to throw in the towel on this med and trust when I tell you, it wasn't an easy call to make. Right now, I fell defeated. I feel like no matter what I do, this demon will always be within me waiting for a weak moment to take me out. To remove me from my life and loved ones. Calling Drew was like admitting I was indeed broken.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i've been down for so long

Bad week. Been a slave to my bed and my kindle. Composed a few posts but struggle with editing. More specifically, cut and paste. Right and left click don't exsit on this thing!! But, I am alive. Comsidering my current mental drama, I am counting that as a success. Yes, it has been that bad.

Otherwise... I'm good! Or atleast, I will be. I will be.

More soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Insomnia, My Old Friend

The Sounds of Insomnia
(to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence)

Hello Insomnia, my old friend.
You come to hang with me again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Crazy Life

Life has been chaotic here as of late.  Lots of potential insomnia to go with it.  I know I should be here posting when that happens, but I keep hoping I'll just drift off on my own.  Ya.  Right.   Instead, I get involved in whatever the idiot box produces.   When I do give up, I'm not heading to the laptop, I'm heading to the medicine cabinet for a melatonin.  Why?  Guilt.  Guilt that I have been up too long already and if I stay up any longer, I will fail as a parent when Thing 1 wakes up coughing uncontrollably, Thing 2 attempts to wake up to use the bathroom and sleep walks, or the baby wakes up to nurse. 

WHY do I DO this to myself?!?   I need a break.  WE need a break!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Therapist Says I'm Crazy. Well. Duh!!

Okay, he isn't really my therapist, he's more of a "counselor."  And, he didn't really say I was crazy.  But he implied it.  A few times.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I know it's been forever...

I admit I'm a suck ass blogger.  I warned you of this months ago.  I tried.  I really tried.  And then... life.

I hate it when life gets in the way of the things you really want to do.   I get jealous when I see others doing what they want to do and it IS their life.  No, seriously.  Like... they do it.  For a LIVING! 

I hate them.  

No I don't. 

I'm just bitter I guess.  I'm bitter that what I love in life does not mesh with who I love in my life.  My kids.  That or I just don't know how to balance both. 

That is exactly it.  I don't know HOW to be a supermom/bipolar crabby-bitch/go to gal on the block/crazy ass woman in charge woman that everyone (especially me) expects me to be. 

Maybe I'm just not organized enough.  Ya.  And then I'm all bipolar about it.  "No.  It has to be done this way. (hour later) Fuck it. I don't care anymore."  How am I supposed to stay on top of everything when my own mind is telling me to crawl in my bed and eat oreos because it would be easier?!?

This all came to a head in my head about a month ago. (ok, that came out wierd.)  I am taking on too much, but I love all I am doing.  I just can't stay on top of it all, all the time.  As a result of this "revolation," I let this blog go.  Not because I didn't love it or wanted to let it go off into the land of orphaned blogs.  No, just let it sit.  I love blogging.  I just haven't found my groove in the whole blogging world yet.  As you can see, I have tried several things... even organized them somewhat.  Just not sure where I'm going with all of it.  So, until I do.  I may not be here much. 

If you bear with me and you are still here when I find myself and drag me back kicking and screaming full force into the blogging world, you will be rewarded.  I will personally come to your house and cook you breakfast.  In bed.  With nothing on but a smile.

Wait.  NO ONE wants that.  Scratch that.  I'll find another way to reward my loyal friends and visitors for sticking with me.  But first... I must find me.  I just hope this doesn't end up like some Where's Waldo thing, because I sucked at those and I might as well stay lost forever.

I will be here off and on to rant or share bipolar brat news.  (mine. not the kid.)  If you leave a comment, it will show up in my box. ;0)

Much love to my loyals.  Much appreciation to my lurkers.

I hope to someday make this my life and not just a place where I tell you about it.

~ KidLit 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Something I Learned About Food Stamps

Made a trip to CVS with my store credit and EBT card in hand.  Was surprised by the results.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Loving Motherhood. Really?

It is alarmingly easy to hop on and list a million things that drive me absolutely batty when it comes to my kids and every aspect of raising them.  Coming up with a million things I love about motherhood?  Not so easy.  Doesn't mean there aren't any.  Just means they aren't in the forefront of my mind most of the time.  Great things DO happen. It's just hard to focus on those times when one angel is strangling the other, or the you hear a gigantic crash followed by "Ooopsy" coming from the kitchen.  For that reason, I decided to sit down and write out a list of wonderful loving, fabulously gratifying, pride instilling moments to focus on the next time I hear the smoke alarm go off at 6 am on a "Sleep in Saturday."  I hope you can find some that relate to and use.  Better yet, I hope you are inspired to do the same and come up with a list of your own.  Be sure to print it and post it where you can see it.  Never know.  It just might save a life some day.   You're welcome.   ;0)