Thursday, June 21, 2012

Karen Huff Klein Bullied on the Bus by BRATS! - a mom's rant

Have you seen this?!?

I wrote a comment on one of the many youtube posts about this.  The space alotted was not nearly long enough for me to get my rant out.   That's what blogs are for, right?

To the UGLY ass Troll like BRATS on that bus:

If you were raised to believe that treating someone an elder  ANYONE like that is ok, your parents did you wrong!  I am sorry you have such shitty ass parents.

However, if you were raised to treat others  elders  EVERYONE with respect no matter who they are and you went against your parents form of upbringing and disgraced them on national television (mostly likely international on the net), I feel sorry for them.  YOU failed THEM and I hope they make you pay for it with a discipline much more server than your average restriction, extra chores or stern talk to.  I hope..... I hope....

I hope you got your butts whooped!
I hope your parent(s) took you phones, video games, mp3 players and everything else valuable and close to your heart and sold them on all on eBay for 2 cents!
I hope they put a brand new bar of soap, stuck it in your  mouth and had you hold it there until it totally dissolved!
I hope you were forced to apologize to her, in person, in front of the school with all your friends in attendance!
I hope they took your social calendar (if you indeed had one) and ripped it into shreds in front of you as a visual of just how much time you will NOT be spending with your friends for the next 365 days!
I hope they take what little, if any, life savings you have (or rather, your parents money they so graciously have let you touch) and donate it to her vacation fund or to their own personal date fund and you don't see a penny of it, or any penny for that matter for as long as they deem fit!

And the school district!  Let's not forget the school district!  I hope they get a piece of your pathetic hiney for this fabulous act of Ass-hole-in-training-ness too!   I hope...

I hope they make you scrub that bus from front to back and make you repeat, "It's my sticky stinky ass sweat too!"
I hope they DON'T suspend you, because you need to be in school to learn something. However, I hope they make your parents drive your ass to school and deny you the right to ride the bus for the rest of your public school careers! (sorry to your parents if they were the second type of parent I mentioned.  Just means more punishment on you that you rightly deserve!)
I hope they DO make you write a million word essay/research paper on the effects of bullying and where it can land you as you become an adult.  And I hope they take your papers and post them where everyone can see them for all of next school year!
I also hope they hold an assembly so that you can explain "your side of the story" and some how justify why you thought it was ok to be such jerks to another human being! 

While I'm hoping... because hopes are like wishes, never can have enough!

I hope all your "friends" see just how much of a TROLL you really are and they chose to no longer be associated with you ... for their own safety. of course.  I mean, if you can pick on an old lady who can barely hear you, who knows what you will do to them.  Right?
And finally, I hope someone just as ugly as you are on the inside, bullies the crap out of you so you can get a little bit of prospective in your life!

YOU are the ugly trolls. That video proved it to the world.  May it follow you around for the rest of your life like a beacon in the back of your mind (not to mention the Internet where EVERYONE can see it for eternity) reminding you just how crappy of a human being you can potentially be in the hopes that you use this moment to turn your life around and never do something that crappy ass again!

~ A Disgusted Parent! (of 5 children who better be respectful, decent human beings even when they think no one's looking!)

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