Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Then There Was 5

UPDATED!!  See below...

Yesterday, I got that box of fabulous freebies.  The fake nails peeked my interest.  Mind you, I bite my nails.  A lot.  I mean, A LOT a lot.  Like, A LOT a lot a lot.  Seriously.. ok, I'll stop.  I started when I was 6, the same year I stopped suckin' my thumb. *insert joke about oral fixation here*  Now, STOP JUDGING ME!

Anyway, I got a little excited over the nails because, I had tried them in the past (different brand) and always had to rely on nail glue.  These claimed "Lasts up to a week*" and while I was curious as to what the * implied (no * note on the box to be found), I was intrigued to see if they would work.  I was going to wait and start on Monday so it would be easier to track just how long they stayed on, but gave in and put them on the same day I got them.   It's been awhile since I had pretty nails and I wanted to surprise Bruce with them. *angel halo and evil grin*

They were SUPER easy to put on.  When I say "SUPER easy" I am actually refering to the ones I put on straight the first time (by sure luck) and didn't have to pry off my finger in order to fix them to appease to my OCD tendencies!  *deep breath* Other than that, they were easy.   I loved color and length.  And THAT is amazing because I am the kind of person that trims even the "sport" length nails.  I do NOT do long.  (Side Rant: How does ANYONE do long?   Long, I just don't get.  I mean... how do you work buttons, pick your nose, or wipe your butt?!? Ok, back to the nails.)  The color was called "Velvet Rope" (although, I don't think I've ever seen a lavendar/lilac like velvet rope before, but whatever) and they were really pretty!   See?  See?  See?

Awwww.   I have pwetty hands.   No, really!  My baby girl said so.  Over and over and over and over and over again.  "Pwetty hands Mama.  Pwetty hands.  Pwetty hands."  *ahem..sorry*

That pic was taken about a half an hour after I put them on.  Shortly after that (within like... 10 minutes?)  the nails I had taken off to reposition, popped off.  I was super bumbed.  I was able to stick them back with out glue, but not for long.  As of this morning, I still had all 10.  Then, while typing on the computer, I noticed one was gone. I have lost 3 more.  I would have just given in and removed the rest, but I am kind of curious to see if any of them will last a week. 

Now, if I was not a mom of 3 (including a 2 year old), I wasn't always sticking my hands in water for one reason or another, I didn't have to change a toddlers close a lot, and ... you know... that whole "biting-my-fingers" thing since I was little, they might have lasted longer.  The 5 I have left seem to be on there really well.  They are comfortable, cute and have withstood quite a bit of trama... for a nail.

To be quite honest with you, I don't think I am the right person to properly evaluate and review this item, considering... but then again, maybe I'm the perfect person.   I don't know.  Take what you want from this.  If you are nicer to your nails then me, less OCD than me, have less kids than me (who are older), have your hands in water less than me and you don't bite your nails, than .. HEY!  DO I HAVE THE COOLEST PRESS ON NAILS FOR YOU!!!!

The nails?  OH YA!   Here ya go:

imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails
The ones in the cute little nail polish bottle!   ;0)

After some serious thinking, I have decided to give this product 3 out of 5 on the KidLit Rating Scale!  Yes, I am down to 5 out of 10 nails, but they are super comfortable, a cute color and I am still not sure how much of that is my fault. While I wouldn't trust them on my wedding day or anything, I would so be willing to try them again. 


UPDATEBy the end of  the very next day, I lost the last of my nails.  3 fell off from doing random stuff: uncovering the pool, mowing the lawn, changing diapers, etc.  Then I found myself chewing on the last two until the threw their itty bitty hands up screaming in protest before they jumped ship to avoid being eaten.  No, I didn't eat them, but with my habit as bad as  it is, they were pretty much doomed rom the start.


PS Sorry for any typos in this post (or any previous oens).  My spell check is broken and I suck at spelling.  Feel free to correct it and send my your copy marked in extra large red pen and I will do my best to fix it.  Thank you.  Now, stop reading my small print. ;0p


N.B. Mama said...

LMAO. Think it's "piqued" my interest. But I was really writing to say that those look great- so natural and real looking. Too bad they didn't hang around longer.

KidLit said...

Is it?!? *psh!* Told you I couldn't spell. Didn't you read the fine print? ;0)