Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... and a few words

My first time knitting a hat. The color is called Grape Jelly. Yummy!

Rogers Family Christmas Cards a la Shutterfly!

Family Wall Noir Christmas Card
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative organized holiday greetings amidst utter chaos?
Totally Doable.

As the days counting down to Christmas dwindle away, many of us find ourselves wondering what in the world we are going to do and how the heck we are going to pull it off. With the current economy still wreaking havoc on many of our pocket books, this can be even more stressful and anxiety laden. I know. I wake up nights wracked with concern, sweat pouring down my face, many times screaming "SANTA! STOP!" Ya, probably something I need to bring up in therapy...

Anyway, my point is, I GET IT! And I'm here to tell you (and myself) that it doesn't have to be this way! We live in the age of technology and it's a wonderful thing! It can save us not only money, but time and most importantly save us from ourselves!

Case in point. How many times have you said "I would LOVE to get a family portrait done of my beautiful wonderful children and send it out as a Christmas card, maybe with our year updates for the family members we hardly ever see." And then your oldest starts "cooking" for your middle child who wants to help and sets off the smoke alarm, waking up the baby, who starts SCREAMING because her diaper is full and her stomach is empty, while your darling hubby (with out missing a beat or looking up from his game)asks "Honey, will get the baby? I'm on level 40 and this guy has me locked in battle." Then you realize, there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to get these kids to sit still and look cute all at the same time, let alone the big one virtually taking his aggressions out on a dwarf!

*deep breath* OK, probably not that often... but you get my point. Right?

Well, this year I know exactly how I'm going to handle it! I have several great pics of the all the family, just not of all of them together. And with the awesome holiday photo cards they have available at, I can just pick the best of each of them and BAM! Precious holiday photo-card greeting done! I can even get them in a folded card so I can add updates about our family, like Libby's birth, Liam starting school and all about Cait's awards. Come to think of it, they also have gifts you can personalized. I know Nana and Papa would LOVE a calendar loaded with pics of the kids. And my Dad would totally get a kick out of a mug with their precious faces on the side so he could brag all day at work. :0)

Well there ya go! Christmas solved! Stress relieved! Scary Santa nightmares... I'll work on that one. Until then, stress less and have a great holiday season everyone!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted ... in my underwear.

I know. Big deal. Right? Yes, it IS a big deal! We are privileged to live in a land where we get a say and many times this is sadly over looked. Does that mean I vote every time? No. And that might be bad of me, however, I do have the right not to if I so chose. That too is something we should realize is a privilege. In some countries, you are forced to vote in the name of democracy (whatever) but there's only one name on the ballot.

But I digress... *quickly gets off the soap box before she is kicked off* The point is, I did it IN MY UNDERWEAR! I know. Not quite the vision you wanted, but still. That is the life. Voting in my own room... chillin'... with my coffee... in my underwear... watchin' my favorite morning news program. And it go me thinkin', if the public officials could pass the freakin' budget in their rooms... in their underwear... shit might get done! Or not. It was a thought. A gross one, now that I think about it more. Could you imagine CNN covering that? *shudder* Ya, OK. Never mind.

Anyway, to the point I wanted to make to begin with: When you vote, you get one of these!!!!

Some places give you freebies or discounts if you wear this on election day. I would comprise an awesome list of said goodies, but I'm tired now from voting and blogging (both in my underwear, of course) and now the baby is screaming AND both my other kids have homework they need help done. I did try to do a search to share with you, but honestly, all I found were from the presidential election back in 08 and several articles on how its illegal to give away freebies for voting. *shrug* I tried.