Monday, May 16, 2011

She Faught the Bed and the Bed Won

But she put up one heck of a fight!

My youngest is going to turn 1 in one month exactly.  To celebrate turning 11 months old, she practiced her semi-mobile independance and maimed herself, possibly earning her first ever "tuff gal black eye" badge.   She had pulled herself up and was cruising the length of her sibilings bed when her legs gave out and she wacked her eye on the bed frame.

My poor baby.

I sent this picture to her Dad at work.  He has a beef with the bed and will be demanding a re-match with it later (on her behalf of course).  I hear rumor a power tool might be involved.  

PS I have just been informed that there is no such thing as a "tuff gal black eye" badge.  Then what was that I earned in the Girlie Scouts with the balck eye on it? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Soft And Cuddly!

Monchhichi!!!  You remember the thumb suckin' monkey doll from the 80's?  I try to forget.  Wanted one.  Never got one.   Was reminded today about the fuzzy thumb sucker and it brought up all sorts of scars in the process.  

Almost daily, (or less because I suck at doing anything "regularly") I check one of my favorite blogs: The Bloggess.  Occasionally, she posts links to other blogs that have bought space for their awesome ads.  Normally, I click on the ad, glance around and leave.  Today, the ad sent me to a blog that not only grabbed my attention, but made me stay and read entries for over an hour!  So, now I have yet another site I feel compelled to check out on a regular basis, keeping me on the computer that much longer.  But its ok.  Worth it. The blog is called Flourish in Progress and it's written a young lady (wow. do I feel OLD now) named Elizabeth.  Her blog (in short) is the "chronicle of (her) 30th Birthday Project"  of cutting back on her "needless spending."  While that's great and admirable and all, I'm just following her blog because she's FUNNY.

Ok, I can literally hear you screaming, what the HELL does this have to do with scars and Monchhichis!!!
Be patient.  I'm gettin' there.

So, I was pokin' around her blog, trying to get the basics with out being there all day, when one of the titles of her previous blog entries catches my eye: I Failed. Shit.  I had to read it.  It was here I came face to face with the elusive toy of my childhood.  The Monchhichi.  Basically, her blog entry was about how she "failed" in her project one day because she stumbled upon one, HAD to buy it and felt sightly guilty for her needless purchase. 

I left a comment.  I had too.  I felt her pain.  I would have bought it too.  Well... here's what I posted:

"Do NOT feel bad about your "set back." It's a Monchhichi for shit sake! It was a NECESSITY!! I would have done the same thing. Seriously. I wanted one as a kid too. Didn't get one. Got a generic grey (much bigger) thumb suckin' wanna-be. I loved it and pretended (sadly) that it was a Monchhichi, but it wasn't the same. That Chhichi scar is a deep one. You NEEDED to buy her. And lick her. ;0)

When I was 4, I had this fantastic Fisher Price castle complete with furniture, little people kings and queens and knights, horses and a cute little pink dragon. I loved that thing. My parents did the unthinkable and "donated" it to my preschool (with out asking me) thinking I had outgrown it or something. *eyeroll* I was bitter over it for years (when I would remember it was gone.) Eventually, I got over it... or so i thought. Last year, my Mom and I were at a children's consignment sale and there, among a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop Habitats, Bratz Doll Houses & newer Fisher Price Little People play structures... my castle. Complete with cute little pink dragon (and everything else.) My therapy cost (my Mom) $80!

It lives in my kids room. I play with it all the time."

Ok, not all the time.  Just when the kids are in school.  That's why we send them to school, right?  To play with their toys?   

That reminds me.  My daughter is turning 9 soon.  Maybe I should get her a Monchhichi for her birthday. ;0)