Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schooooool's Out For the Summer!

Today was the last day of school.  Busy day too. 

Cait wanted cupcakes in her class to celebrate her birthday, which isn't until the 19th, but she really wanted to do something with her classmates.  I get it.  Sucks having a summer birthday... if you're a kid.  Like I want all those brats and their parents at my place!  We know enough people with kids, I don't need to invite 30 or more kids I barely know and their parents for an extended moment of awkwardness.  I'm good!  So, ya.  Cupcakes in her class?  I'm good with that.

Liam wanted cookies in his class.  Not to celebrate anything, but the last day of school.  I like his teacher a lot and it's her last year.  My kids have managed to retire yet another one! Cait's kinder teacher retired after having Cait.  She said it was just time.  I knew the truth.  If I had Cait in my class I'd probably retire too.  She was a great teacher.  Just like Liam's current teacher.  I highly doubt he is the reason she is leaving.  There are far worse behaved kiddos in that class.  I think the class as a whole was enough to make her rethink returning.  She's a great person.  I could talk to her for hours.  Which is why I HAD to go sit in on their class party.

Liam's party was at 10.   Cait's party was at 11.  Kinder graduation was at 9:45, and all though I didn't have a kid graduating, I did have friends who had kids graduating, so I sat in and cheered on the kiddos.  Sooo cute!  I can't wait until little Libby is walking across that stage and ... wait.  What am I SAYING?!?  Please.  Someone smack me!  I am in no hurry for Libby to be in school!  She'll be 2 this Saturday and I'm not even ready for that!

Wait... where was I?  Oh ya.   So, 9:45 - K grad, 10 - Liam,  11 - Cait.  1:30 - Music Assembly.

Ah yes.  I.C. Elementary Music Program!  Fabulous!  Nothing like when I was in K-6.  Flutes. Drums. Clarinets. Trumpets.  Ah! But then there was more funding back then for such things.  Despite the lack of funding, my kids are still more fortunate than most.  Our PE teacher doubles as our music teacher.  I swear they pay her in peanuts and quarters found under people's couches because funding was cut years ago.  Yet she's still there.  She loved the kids and believes in the kids that much.  She is awesome!  Every year, she manages to get enough time with the kids to teach them all basic rhythm and simple songs on the song flute (recorders).  And, for those in the GATE program, she teaches the chimes!  It's like bell ringing where each kid is in charge of 2-4 different chimes that ring one single note each and they work together to play fabulous songs!  Beautiful!  Playing them takes knowing rhythm, timing, and lots and lots of team work.  The results are  absolutely stunning! Was so glad to end the school year hearing Cait on the chimes.  Although, I have to say Liam was rockin' the stage with his wooden sticks.  Above the head *click, click*, down below *click click*, to the right *click, click*, behind his back *click, click*  He. Was. On. Fire!  For a kid with sticks.

He was so hot, he smoked up the place and it's gonna take 3 months before they will let us back in the school.   Or maybe that was just a huge co-inky-dink.  Either way, we ran home and jumped into our overly inflated baby pool on steroids in order to cool down.  Ahhhh!

I know.  I know.  Why did I tell you all this.  No reason.  Just glad school is out.  for. the summer! (sorry).  Just not sure what I am going to do with them now that they are home.  Maybe we'll plan some great trips, take some awesome pictures, eat some cupcakes and bang some sticks together.

No matter what we do, I'll be sure to share.  Because I know you just live to hear about my fabulously chaotic life. ;0)

Keep cool y'all!

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shannan martin said...

thats cute.. too bad ajia still has school in a few weeks