Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm an Official Products Review... Type... Person.

Today I got something really kick butt in the mail.  A box filled with goodies for me and the kids.  No, I don't have a secret admirer.  Actually, if I did and they sent me fake nails, a cookie and a bar of soap, I would really be worried. 

No, all is good.  I actually signed up for randomness to be sent my way.  I joined a new website called Influenster.com.  Really cool little website.  When you join, they have you fill out these surveys so they can learn more about you.  Then they give you badges.  The more badges you collect, the better your chances are of receiving what they call a VoxBox.  VoxBoxes are little white boxes filled with awesome products you get to try out, review and KEEP!  Best part... it's free!

Today, I recieved my first VoxBox.  The boxes are usually themed.  The theme for my first box?  Mom. Of course.   And it did NOT disappoint.  I guess you could say, VoxBox Rocks.  *waa-waa-waaaa*

The only catch (and it's not really much of a catch) is you have to share your opinions on it's contents.

So... with out further ado...  my most recent vlog... on Influnester and Vox Box for Moms:

Now that you've seen and heard what it's all about, go and sign up.  Get your freebie on!

I'll be back to post the individual reviews for each of the items later this week.

Until then,

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