Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Delectable Dozen

12 years ago tonight, I met the man of my dreams.

Well... ok, he wasn't the man of my dreams at the time.  Nope.  Not even close!  Back then, I was dreaming of a tall, dark haired, Rock-a-Billie with a dancing addiction and the finances to fund it!  So when I was blind sided by the affections of a blond haired practically homeless computer nerd with 2 left feet that stood (maybe) 2 inches taller than me, I smiled sweetly while thinking to myself "Not on your life!"

12 years and 3 beautiful children later, I have to admit, my dreams have changed. All of them include that lovable nerd of mine and both of his left feet.  And I wouldn't change of a bit of it for the world!

Happy 12th anniversary, Hun!  Here's to oh so many more sweet dreams coming true and even more years  together to enjoy them.

~ Maddie!  (The name I oringinally gave him when we met.  Long story for another time.)

P.S.  Sorry for the sickening syrupy sweetness.  While all so very true, I feel ill now.  Sorry if you are now feeling the same. 


MonkeyMama said...

I heart you guys, congrats!

KidLit said...

awww. we heart you too. ;0)