Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Crazy Life

Life has been chaotic here as of late.  Lots of potential insomnia to go with it.  I know I should be here posting when that happens, but I keep hoping I'll just drift off on my own.  Ya.  Right.   Instead, I get involved in whatever the idiot box produces.   When I do give up, I'm not heading to the laptop, I'm heading to the medicine cabinet for a melatonin.  Why?  Guilt.  Guilt that I have been up too long already and if I stay up any longer, I will fail as a parent when Thing 1 wakes up coughing uncontrollably, Thing 2 attempts to wake up to use the bathroom and sleep walks, or the baby wakes up to nurse. 

WHY do I DO this to myself?!?   I need a break.  WE need a break!

Life is crazy enough as it is right now.  The children's consignment sales are in full swing right now.  The kids' school has been keepin' me busy with PTO, fundraisers and various other events and meetings.  Liam and his therapy.  Cait and her general dis-organization.  Libby ... being Libby.   Mom just had cataracts surgery and will be home for a month or more. Then there is my couponing habit/addiction, which is very helpful with our very tight budget, but is time consuming at times.  And, let's not forget all the online stuff I have been totally neglecting... here.

I need a break.   A girls night out.  An MNO (mom's night out).  A date night.  Something.  Kid free. Appointment free.   "Important" free.  Something... free.  Or close there to.  After all, I'm broke.

I think we all need a break.  Mom's need kid free time with other adults.  Otherwise, we go numb inside.  And let's face it, numb is only good when dental work or surgery is involved.  Well... I'm sure there are other times, but... whatever.  I. Need. A BREAK!   And so do you.  Honestly.  So, take a break with me.   Friday night?   After the kids go to bed, break out the bubble bath, light some candles, make  a reservation with your favorite guy, invite your girlfriends over for a game night or out for cocktails, lock yourself in your craft room... whatever you feel would give you time to find yourself again. 

So here is your weekend challenge: Find some sanity.  And that is an order!   Tell everyone KidLit said so and leave it at that.  It will keep them confuse them enough so you run away screaming to find some much needed peace.  

You are welcome.

Don't forget to then post about it in your blog.  Feel free to link back to here or even drop a link in my comment section so all my lurkers can get ideas on how they too can find peace in their lives.  Who knows, there might even been a  KidLit's Zen Award in it for ya.  ;0) 

Namaste, Bitches.

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