Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Therapist Says I'm Crazy. Well. Duh!!

Okay, he isn't really my therapist, he's more of a "counselor."  And, he didn't really say I was crazy.  But he implied it.  A few times.

Drew: "So, how things been?  What you been up to?"

Me: "Oh.  Things.  Lots of things."

Drew: "Like what kind of things?"

Me: "Well, let's see...  prepping for a big sale, homework club, couponing, PTO, one kids in physical therapy, the other is in before and after school activities, I've been sick, the kids have been sick, my Mom is having surgery on Monday.... You know.  Things."

Drew: "That's crazy!"

Me: "Really?"

Drew: "Ya!  You been sleepin' OK?"

Me: "You would think so, but no.  Not really.  Insomnia off and on."

Drew: "Ya?  How often."

Me: "3 or 4 times a week.  I take melatonin only when I need too.  Doesn't help when the baby wakes me."

Drew: "She not sleepin' through the night yet?"

Me: "Not every night.  Wakes to nurse from time to time."

Drew: "That's crazy!"

Me: "Me not sleeping or her breastfeeding?"

Drew: "You not sleeping because you are breastfeeding.  You need your sleep.  Maybe 2 is a good weaning spot?  For sleep sake."

Me: (mumbling) "crazy"

Drew: "Huh?"

Me: "Aw, nothing.  Just tired."

Drew: "Sounds like it!  Can you cut back on your activities?"

Me: "Well, ya and no.  Don't really want to.  They all pay off in one way or another. Several have set end dates.  Most of my current chaos will come to an end in April.  I am really looking forward to April."

Drew: "Wow.  I bet.  Hopefully April is less chaotic."

Me: "Ya.  Less crazy."

Drew: "So... let's talk about you pending med changes."

Really?!?  Crazy???  Poor choice of words.  Truly poor.  I don't think he realized what he was saying.  He's cool people.  Just a little crazy.   He did, however, give me some great advice.  He said I should journal in order to empty my mind enough to sleep.  I mentioned the one activity I did strike from my crazy list of activities was blogging and he suggested starting back  up "for optimal mental health and physical well being."  OK, he didn't really say that last part.  I just felt like making he sound less crazy.  Like I said, he's cool people.

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