Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Forever Hold Hell w/ Procter & Gamble!

Today, I set out to fill out a rebate form.  Seemed simple enough.   WRONG!!!!

And because I am being lazy tired from getting the run around,
here is what I said on YouTube:

Called Procter & Gamble for help on properly processing a rebate that also donated money to the USOC's P&G/Team USA Youth Sports Fund. Ya, that didn't go well. In fact, it didn't go at all. They never picked up. I finally hung up the phone after being on there for 105 minutes of insane forever on loop bad music and "...be with you shortly..." messages!!! (a.k.a. forever hold hell!!) Hopefully this whole video is play worthy. It was playing fine until I loaded it on to my computer. Then it started getting choppy about half way through or so. If that is the case, I apologize. UPDATE: YouTube Rocks!!! They totally fixed my video.  You totally rock YouTube! 

If you have any answers to my dilemma, I would appreciate your feedback. Here's the basics (just in case my video is bad), I bought $50 worth of products. All were of the brands specified on the rebate, however, the CoverGirl item I bought had a UPC with only 8 digits. The form requires 12. Rebate would have been denied. Rebate processing company even said it would have been and called the item a "non-qualifying product." The form says ANY CoverGirl. Why doesn't it qualify? Why would it only have 8 numbers on its UPC? How do I contact P&G about this to get it figured out? Why, when I called the P&G number the rebate processing company gave me, was I put on forever hold? Was that one of those numbers you hear about that companies redirect people to so they hang up and give up? Will P&G be pissed that I put them on blast?!?!? I hope so!! Because I want answers! I know it's only $10, but it's also donation money that I want to see get to the right place.

Here is the number. (800) 609-3039. Maybe someone out there will have better chances of reaching an actual human being. And if you do... PLEASE! LET. ME. KNOW.

Thank you. :0)

UPDATE: I have since emailed P&G.  And liked them on FaceBook.  And liked them on Twitter. 
No word.  Yet.

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