Friday, September 14, 2012

Hellooooooo Russia!!!

So, I was poking around in my stats (because I like feeling bad about how few people actually view my blood, sweat, and tears) and I clicked on the "Traffic Sources" tab.  Would you believe I have more visitors from Russia than I do from the U.S.?  That just blew me away!  Obviously, they are all lurkers (along with the other 99.9999% of you who visit.  Sad really.  I like comments.  Really.  I do.) But that is OK!  It feels fabulous to know I'm not just talking to myself.

Well.... kinda.  I mean, I AM still just talking to myself, but at least I now know some one's watching me do it.

Wait.  That sounds creepy.

Eh.  They are probably here for the fabulous picture of the "tick tock" clock embedded in my "Hello Insomnia, My Old Friend" post. (Thanks Google!)

But I digress... back to the topic at hand.  
Helloooooo RUSSIA!!!! 

 For whatever reason you have stopped by, WELCOME!!!   And... Thanks! 

I feel so worldly now.  ;0)

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