Friday, September 28, 2012

Alien Fresh Jerky

Better than The Biggest Ball of Twine (part 2) or Alien Fresh Jerky - The inside!

Yesterday, I showed you the outside of Alien Fresh Jerky.  Today, I take you inside.  With out all the extra chatter, let's get right into the pictures. Now, keep in mind we didn't take pictures of everything. I didn't want to look like a desperate blogger in need of something to write about, so we aimed for pathetic tourist instead.  So ya, we didn't miss much.

Like any good Alien based tourist attraction, there were plenty of little visitors on hand to welcome us:

 And the most famous little green man of all...
Like any good tourist attraction, there were plenty of trinkets, novelties, and of course, jerky (and other snackables) for you spend your money on. (be forewarned, some of these are PG-13/R in nature):

They had an awesome collection of energy drinks (so you don't die driving through Death Valley, I'm sure) and novelty hot sauces.  I should have taken more pictures, but my toddler was running around and I was afraid she was going to tackle one of the aliens and claim him as her "baby". 
Do NOT let the sweet face fool you!
Here's the only hot sauce we got a picture of.  Bruce took it.  He's republican.  Need I say more.
The other hot sauces were a lot funnier.
(Not all views on this blog are those of the blogger who runs it. No. Seriously.)
Oh my! I believe the bottle next to it is a "Tiger has Wood hot sauce".
Wow. Maybe it was good NOT taking pics of them all in a group.
Here's a few more pictures Mr. B took, because... he's a guy. Only explanation I have.
Alien Porn
Alien Head.

Burning Hot Nuts.
*shakes head in disgust*

There were several other wonderful goodies, including:
* Novelty BBQ Sauces
* Dried Fruit
* Nuts
* Stuffed Olives
* T-shirts
* Candy and Mints (in cute collective tins)
and of course... Jerky

BBQ on the Moon!!! Yummm-0.  (we bought this one)
Invisible Jerky $1.50!
(for those on a diet... or vegetarians)

We bought a Duff, a Electric Blue Jolt (remember these?!? Sooo good!), the BBQ jerky, and a couple tins of candy for the kids. 

The chick behind the counter was sooo patient and sweet.
She even gave my little aliens stickers. As you can see, my biggest kid put his on the back of our truck. ;0)

Tomorrow, The World's Tallest Thermometer!!!!! And a little Big Boy named Bob.

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