Thursday, September 27, 2012

Better Than The Biggest Ball of Twine!

Over this last weekend, I got to scratch something off my bucket list.  But first, a quick back story:

At 3:08 am on September the 16th, my beloved Grandmother passed away.  She was my very last grandparent. 2 days later, I turned 40. In short, life stared me straight in the eyes and bitch slapped me hard with reality.  Then, to add to my already altered state of mind, I was tossed into our SUV and subjected to 12 hours of close confined and torturous hell with my Father, Bruce and our 3 lovely children.  (Yes, you should assume a sarcastic tone when you read the "lovely" part.) Our destination? Laughlin (and then Las Vegas), Nevada.  And the only thing worse, was the 14+ hour ride home.

But it wasn't all bad. --  Yes.  I played a bit and lost. But that wasn't the highlight of the trip.

On the way out of  Sin City, we kept seeing these awesome bill boards for Alien Fresh Jerky Baker. At first, we thought it was an internet store and it was stating they were "Bakers" of Alien Fresh Jerky. (yes. we are clueless.) Then, after entering back into California, we started seeing more and more signs, all stating "free samples."  It wasn't until we saw the road signs for Baker, CA did it click.  We were going to get free jerky!  This made the whole car VERY happy.  Not exactly happy for dried meat that may or may not be made of or by aliens, but because the car was going to stop and EVERYONE was going to be allowed out!!

On the way into Baker (off I-15, exit 245), I saw a sign for "The World's Largest Thermometer." Mom's voice was in my head. "I've always wanted to see the Largest Ball of Twine."  I knew I couldn't pass up this rare opportunity!  But first.... Alien Jerky.

Words can not describe, so I will shut up (some) and let you see for yourself:

Hangin' out?  Or just arrived?  We weren't sure either.
Uh oh. Looks like someone ran out of gas.
Mom and her baby hittin' us up for gas money. They asked for $2, but only needed $1 to "launch." I'm guessin' the other $1 went to booze to save her sanity for the long trip home. I feel ya momma.  (I gave her $5 and a bag of jerky on the way out.)

Official IPF officials in an Official IPF vehicle doing official IPF business. At first, we thought they were cartin' the guy in the back to his home planet. Then he raised his hand. No restraints. Wait... he rose his hand?
And turned their heads?!?
(Bruce, stop lookin' like a tourist! *psh*)
Well, at least they were parked legally.
The Intergalactic Planetary Federation would be proud.
(Psst! B! Get out of the shot!)

 Wow.  This is long and I have so much more to share.  How about we continue this tomorrow and I show you the inside of the store.  Trust me.  We will get to... The World's Largest Thermometer!!!  (I so hope your read that in a great booming voice in your head, 'cause that's exactly how I typed it.

See you all tomorrow.   ;0)

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Popie said...

Was not cosey in the back seat for me(DAD)but was great being there with the five of you. To bad we were going to bury Mom.

Ya know I am proud to be the father and grandfather of such intelligent and special persons, musta got it from your mothers (except Chads').

Sorry if this embarrasses you.


PS: Answer my email.