Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Pics. *poof* Gone! Crap.

The day I realized 98% of my son's baby pictures and my eldest daughters toddler years photos were gone for good, a little bit of me died.  That same day, I swore I dedicate my children's precious images to paper and get (what I had left and would create in the future) off my computer.

And I have. Now I have a bushel of photos I need to put in photo albums. Needless to say, they are still in the packs they came in.

Let's get something straight.  I have girlfrieds who are masters at acid free paper piecing creative photo embelishments and display... also know as scrapbooking.  I suck at scrapbooking.  I'd much rather create things on the computer.   Less chances of me messing up and if I do.... I just don't save.  *grin*  So, ya.  I don't scrapbook.  Photo albums that have litte sleeves I can't stuff with my children's cute little faces in and are relatively idiot proof seemed to be the way to go. 

And still there they sit.

Then one of the companies I printed my pics from, sent me an offer for a free photo book.  So I gave it a try.  And while I wasn't too happy with that particular companies work (color wise), I liked having all my photos put in a book for me.   (Most photo companies will even preload them for you!) 

Then a company I DID like sent me a free photo book offer.  That company was   Well, not completely free, I had to pay shipping.  No big. Saved me the price of the book.  Shutterfly has been awesome in helping me get all my photos off my computer.  That's truly important.  And not in a "I have to push this product" kind of way.   More in a "Crap! I just lost 5 years worth of pictures of my children!  MUST. WARN.  OTHERS!" kind of way.

Here's the photobook I just created on their website and will be heading my way in the mail very soon:

I highly recommend Shutterfy.  I have been nothing but beyond thrilled with the qualit of their products! 

And I'm not just saying that so I can get $10 off my next order.   Because quite frankly, if they sucked?  I wouldn't go back to use the $10 credit.   They really do rock! 

Now go!   Get those pics of your computer before your hard drive crashes and a small part of you dies inside.  No joke!   Shutterfly, Snapfish, Photobucket... Poloroid pictures of each one off your screen... WHAT EVER WORKS!   Just save your precious pics before they are gone for good.


Crazy Cricut Lady said...

Uumm, sweetie, it helps if you occasionally make a backup disk of your photos, label and put it somewhere safe just in the off chance that your computer does crash, just sayin' :). Love ya! I usually send copies of family photos on CD to my mom and atleast one Aunt so they are located away from me in case something happens....

KidLit said...

Ya, that only works in preserving them. Still need to print them. I had been putting off for YEARS! Had thousands upon thousands of photos in files, none in their baby books. Everytime I would try, I would get overwhelmed. Started printing on our printer... money hungry printer! Bad choice. Then, after this (and we had back ups ... long story) I took advantage of as many free print offers I could get my hands on! The good thing (besides the looming pile of photos in the corner of my room), I can now compare and honestly review (aka warn others) what sites out there suck! And... which ones rock. ;0)