Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things Found in a Room - 2nd Edition!

That's right! It's back!!  Just as I threatened, wonderful goodies left behind by everyday people in rooms at local extended stay hotel!   I know you were just on the edge of your seat waiting this.  Wait. No. More.

Today's Item..... Mix'Nap!

Only ... um... English? on the box.

Let's look on the back.

Well, that didn't help much.

Aright!  Time to guess!

Is it a sleep aide?


Napkins maybe?

Ya, the name doesn't give you much.

Let's flip the box back over and zoom out a bit, shall we?

Pastry!  That was soooo my next guess.

The picture makes me think little cinnamon buns,
but with your choice of white or milk chocolate.

Lets go in side the box for a closer look.

Still sealed!  You know what this means....
Taste Test!

Almost looks like some sort of baklava, but there are no nuts and that's not filo dough.

Taste test reveiled the dark ones had a prunish like texture and the white were probably white chocolate,
but not as sweet as you would find white chocolate to be here.

So really, your guess is as good as mine! Internet search left me with nothing.

If you know more.  Please.  Let me know. ;0)

And that concludes our latest edition of  Things Found In a Roooooooooom!

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