Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dumpster Diving ... Glorified!

Again, I have found myself on a fellow blogger's website posting a comment that I really should have posted here.  As before, I posted it anyway, copied and pasted it here!  To see what fan-tab-u-lous blog inspired this entry, please visit Elisabeth's blog Flourish in Progress and her recent blog entry on roughly the same topic.   And yes... I'm lazy.  ;0p

While I could never bring myself to dumpster dive, my Mom has on many occasions.  I have sold some of her finds on eBay before for an easy profit.  (I checked them and cleaned them completely.  Sellers loved the items.  Don't judge! ;0p ) 

Now a days, dumpster diving has given way to things she finds in hotel rooms she cleans for a living (as you have seen in my previous post... more to come on that with better items than dish soap bars.)  However, that includes a 30 day lost and found waiting period.  Not as instantly gratifying, but kinda like Christmas when she gets the lost and found bags that time has expired on.  

My current obsession is going to Goodwill's outlet store.   Dumpster diving glorified!!  You go into a warehouse with 2 dozen or more blue semi-shallow sorting bins on wheels, each about the size of a compact car.  Each is filled with misc. items that didn't sell at their stores for whatever reason.  (usually, due to over pricing)  With the exception of furniture and other hand selected heavier items, everything is sold by the pound.  Everything from house hold items, toys and books to shoes and clothing.   It's awesome!  I have found all sorts of things there including a Bulova ladies watch w/ diamonds (hidden deep in a inner pocket of a really cute diaper bag), a Coach  and a Dooney purse.  Many items, I have turned around and sold for quite the profit.  I highly recommend it.  '0)

Just... stay away from the outlet I go to.   I'd hate to go all crazy on you over a pair of Prada Shoes at the bottom of a bin.  I have a screaming baby with me at all times and I know how to use her.   Stay back!


Not Blessed Mama said...

i didn't know you went to the pound store! i go, but only out of desperation, lol. it's pretty nasty.

KidLit said...

Are you kidding! I love that place. Nasty? Yes. Scary? Can be. Especially when you see a mob line of vultures starty forming as the new bins are rolled out. However, you'd be surprised what I have found there. Although, the one I go to is new, so probably not as nasty as the one closer to you. ;0)

BTW, stupid Google still isn't letting me stay logged in. I can post, but I can't comment. WTH? Time to clear cookies I think.

Wanna go sometime? :0D