Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy? Remember... Stress Kills! Take a Minute.

That's right, Stress Kills!  Worse than drugs.  Can lead to drugs. Don't do drugs!  And you feel so frazzled that you start to consider them as an option (or offin' a kid or two), STOP!  Take a breath.  Drink a really cold glass of water.  Count to 10.  Sing a song.  Do a crossword, take a walk, jog in place, do a task you  actually like, or take a ice try full of cubes in to the back yard and chuck them suckers at the back fence as hard as you possible can while picturing Barney/Bieber/Who ever it is that bugs the heck out of you!!!!  *deep breath while clutching ice*  Then chant "It will be over soon.  It will get better.  I will be ok."  If that doesn't work, throw yourself to the ground (perferably in front of the kids so you can scare them with the threat of potential genetic insanity) and throw the biggest, loudest hissy fit you possibly can!!!!  Then when they question why you lost your mind, say it was all for them and to protect them from half-orphanism, to which there is no cure.

Consider this your PSA for the day.    I have done my job.  You are welcome.

*end PSA*
*begin rant*
I hhhhHHHHATE busy days!  Why do things have to clog up your calendar in clumps?  Why can't things spread themselves out?  Too many things going on causes a regularly slightly insane person go completely off the wall BATTY! 

Why do I bring this all up?  June.   That's right June.   Some how, some where, karma... God... the stars alignments... Murphy's Law (and the fact that I am from the Murphy Clan).... or some greater plan than what I can't begin to  fathom because I am not worthy, clumped 3 important dates in my life together by no real choice of my own:  My anniversary, my soon to be 9 year old's birthday, and my soon to be 1 year olds birthday.  AND because it is June, graduations.  Our anniversary is based on the day we met and both girls were mistakes in my rhythm method calculations wonderful surprises!   My son was the only one planned and that's why his birthday is no where near June!!  But his graduation is.  It's also the month we usually get to see our eldest two who live out of state.  And did I mention Father's day?  Can't forget Father's day!

This month sucks.

This week sucks.

Thursday: Libby's 1st birthday!!!   AND   Liam's graduation and the school's end of the year awards ceremony. Seriously.
Friday: Last day of school.  A shortened day.  Of course.
Saturday: Birthday party for the girls.  Last day we will have the eldest 2. :'0(
Sunday: Father's day.  Also, Cait's 9th birthday!!  (the 2nd time she has shared her day with Dad)

Needless to say, Wednesday and prior to Wednesday have and will be prep days for everything.  I'm tired and the "festivities" haven't even begun yet!  *yawn*

I need more coffee.
And time for me. 
Stress kills. 
Don't wanna show up to any of the joyful and memorable times in my children's little lives, dead.  That would suck.  No one wants a zombie on "their day."     Ok... Most people.

Wow.  I'm tired.  That made no real sense.   I don't think.   My mind is starting to rot.   That is exactly why I say "Take time for YOU!"     Potentially dead with mush brain is not good memorable.

I can't wait for my anniversary on the 23rd.   I get to get away for a couple hours!!  MOSTLY kid free. ;0)

I'm gonna need it.

Remember to breath.   (oh crap! *gasp* S'ok!  I'm good!)

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Crazy Cricut Lady said...

roflmao, girl you can do it, I know you can :) deep breath it will be ok, you will get through this. Sending big (((((hugs))))) your way