Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who-Who Art aka Lady Landscaping

So I keep seeing this commercial.  Maybe you've seen in?  Lady gets out of a pool and a potted plant trims itself into a rectangle?  Another lady does something else (I don't remember what, didn't pay THAT much attention to it!) and some other potted plant trims itself into ball.  Then, yet another lady does something else (again, don't remember... nor care) and another plant turns into a triangle.  Thanks to this commercial, my hubby seems to think MOST women do this.  Thanks big time razor brand I won't mention here by name because you pissed me off.   Ok, so... how many actually DO that?!?!?  

*looks around to count hands, sees at least one and loses interest... fast*

Who has time to do all that?!?  And why do it?   More importantly, why geometrical shapes?!?  I mean, if you are going to take time out of your already busy day to lock your bathroom and trim/shave shapes into your nether regions, why not something more interesting?   Like, a dollar sign?  A smiley face?  A self portrait?  A sign that says "please tip your waitress?"  (you know... if you have a kind of job where such a sign there would be beneficial, I mean)  I just don't see the point!  

Exactly how I'd shape it... iffin' I had too!
Triangle with a dudes BUTT! 

What?  I could rock it.  Although... you wouldn't be able to see it. 

Maybe I'm just too lazy.  That is a distinct possibility.  Or maybe, I just don't care about the shape of my fuzzy bits.   (wait... why did I make that plural... like I have 2 or something.   Odd.)  HE probably would like it.  But I have no need to attract him there as he is already interested in visiting as often as possible, and again...I'm too lazy.   Now, maybe if I was single and needing to attract someone new.... nope.  Not even then.   I mean, if I was single, they wouldn't see it until I had won them over anyway.... or got drunk enough (lets be honest), so again... I don't. see. the point.

But then, I don't see the point in many things.   That or again, I'm just too lazy to care.

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Tina said...

I certainly don't have time or artistic ability...it all just comes off. It's a cleanliness thing; too much fuzziness seems like such a mess on me. lol :D