Friday, June 3, 2011

Ancient Deliciousness!

First things first:  I am beyond sorry for my extended absence.  June is a mega busy month.  I know that doesn't explain why I haven't been here in MAY, but if you were me (or you know me personally), it TOTALLY makes sense! 

I have wanted to get on here and post a spit load of things.  In fact, I have a folder with pics just screaming at me to write about them.  Yes, pics.  My most recent attempt at encouraging myself to blog more often and quite possibly... *gasp* ... regularly!    Ok, maybe not that often.  That requires organization.  Something I long for, but lack on a large scale.

In the attempt to catch up with my own rambling thoughts, I present you with one of the many pics in that folder:  Ancient Deliciousness!

In a cup. :0)

This has got to be THE best Greek  yogurt of all freakin' time!!!  I kid you not!  I love this stuff!  (and no, they aren't paying me.  But if they want to, I will gladly take a month, year or even a life times supply in payment!!!)  I will admit, I was leery of trying Greek Yogurt.  And at first, it seemed a bit bitter.  Still not sure if that was because it was new to me or if it was a bit old.  *shudder*  My first time out, I tried Vanilla.  It s'ok.  Then Honey.  It's a bit strong, but good.  But then I tried the Strawberry Cream and the equally delicious Blueberry Cream.  Oh. My. Greek. Gods!!!  This stuff is FANTASTIC!!  Don't get me wrong, I like regular yogurt, but NEVER has regular yogurt made we sneak back into my own damn kitchen like a kid attempting to swipe ice cream when no one was looking and left me feeling almost guilty for eating more than one!

Yes.  That good.

It is soooooo creamy and oh so yummy.   Even PLAIN!  And that says a lot people.   I hate plain yogurt.

So, if you happen to come across ZOI Greek Yogurt in your grocer's refrigerated section, I say you grab one... or two... hell, grab 10!  They are that. Damn. Good!   And if you find I'm am full off bull and you hate them, I will happily take them all off your hands.  And eat them.   All.  

Consider it a potentially guilt ridden service I am willing to provide you. 

Because I care.  '0)

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