Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things Found in a Room

I would like to start a new segment I have been threatening to start for a long time:  Things Found in a Room.

What kind of room, you ask?  Hotel rooms.  Residence Inn rooms to be more specific.  I will leave exactly which, where and who I get these from out of the stories.  Not because they have been stolen or otherwise acquired illegally, no.  It's because I don't want you insane lovely people going there and leaving odd things there so you can land a spot on my inglorious blog!  ;0p

First item up for your enjoyment.... VIM!  With the "EXTRA POWER OF LIME!"

Yup.  Dish soap in bar form. 

 I think? 

Pretty sure.

Found what I believe is their website.  Check it out if you wish. Or not.  Not all that exciting.  Located out of Canada?  Sorry, but that doesn't look like Canadian to me. (English and French.  I'm being goofy, not stupid.  Although I do have my moments.)  I am not even going to venture to guess what language that is, because chances are, I would be wrong.    However, they tend to get a lot of  temporary residents from India.  Eh?  Maybe. However, on the website, no bars. I guess bars aren't popular for scrubbing pots and pans in Canada. Go figure!

That concludes my very first epi blog-i-sode of   "Things Found in a Roooooooooooom!"

(Bar available for sale. No really. Want it?  All proceeds go to aiding me in my coffee and choco addiction.)

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Not Blessed Mama said...

odd. and now i am dying to know who you got it from!