Friday, August 5, 2011

Portrait of a Beautiful Bipolar Child

This is Cait.

Today, she received her official Bipolar diagnosis.

Cait is not "a bipolar".

Cait is a brilliant, beautiful, creative, kind, caring, loving, thoughtful, protective, girl
who copes and sometimes struggles with her Bipolar disorder.

Bipolar does not define her.
She however, defines how her disorder affects her.

She is strong.  She is beautiful.  She is limitless.

Put the world on notice: Cait is and will continue to be a wonderful force
either to be benefited from or reckoned with.

Choose wisely.
You have been forewarned.


Crazy Cricut Lady said...

Just like her mommy :)

Tina said...

I'm glad it's official. :)

KidLit said...

LOL Pretty much! Thanks CCL.

I know. It's gratifying it's not just me thinking she is. They have worked with her for a good year now. It wasn't something they just threw out there. So glad she has shuch a great support team behind her.