Monday, August 8, 2011

Boobie Lovin' Month!

Ok. That's not the official title for it.  You and I both know that.  Might as well be though.  I mean, if you don't love boobies... this month means nothing to you.  Well, unless you have a birthday, anniversary, or some other big event takes place in August. And why would you go and do that when August is all about BOOBS?!? *psh* I asked Bruce that and he gave me some nonsense about having no control over the month of his birth, blah blah blah and to take it up with his mom.   Ya, no.  That's quite alright.  PASS!

I can hear some of you yelling at your screens right now.  "IT'S BREASTFEEDING MONTH!! Don't degrade this beautiful month with all your woman hating BS!!"  I am NOT woman hating.  Far from it.  I just like the title idea and ran with it.  Probably a little far.  There.  I stepped back a bit.  Better?  ;0)

Now, I am allllllll for breastfeeding.  Allllllll for breastfeeding in public.   Alllllll for mama's doin' it however they need to do it.   (where's the "but"... I sense a "but") Yes, you do.  And here it is:

BUT... I suck at writing about it.

Not what you thought  was going to say, right?  HA!  ;0P 

Yes.  I suck at blah blah blah blah about boobies.  I can however, copy and paste links with the best of them.  Here are some really inspirational stories, groups and such that I have found helpful to me in my personal breastfeeding journey:

The Leaky Boob:  An awesome blog for all mama's who breastfeed, plan to breastfeed or have in the past.  They also have a fabulous support group FaceBook page.

Why African Babies Don't Cry By J. Claire K. Niala.  A very touching story filled with prospective.

The Normalizing Nursing in Public League (NNIPL): Another fabulous FaceBook based support group that originally started when a young lady was kicked out of a buffet restaurant for breastfeeding her child. She fought back and NNIPL was born. 

The Milk Truck: A fabulous project in the works that will initiate a literal movement every time a nursing mother faces adversity while trying to feed their child in public.  Unfortunately (at least for now), this will only be available in Pittsburgh, PA. If you live nearby, you can follow them on FaceBook and/or Twitter and be apart of them rollin' movement.  If only I lived closer...   You can follow them anyway, just to show your support and get cool updates on their progress towards getting the truck rollin'.

I'm sure there are plenty more great supportive groups, stories, etc. out there.  I just ran out of time.  (sh! big party to get ready for!)  If you know of some that you would love to add to this list, please do post them.  I don't have many "followers" but I do have many lurkers (I heart my lurkers) and you never know.  The person that needs your info the most, might see it and be more than grateful for it!

I leave you with a pic of the milk truck... or rather a sketch of the milk truck as we hope it will eventually be:

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