Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fork Worthy Pizza

Last night, Bruce and I went out to celebrate his birthday.  We went to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.  He learned of their "Party for Two" deal which was $19.95 dinner for two.  It came with a medium signature pizza, soup or salad for each person, and a pizookie for dessert.  Being short on funds, we were all over it. 

When we got there it was busy, but we were immediately seated. Because we had the baby, we opted for a booth/table combo.  That placed us right next to the kitchen where we got to see all sorts of yummy food as it came out.  With in a few minutes, our order was taken and we were served our drinks.  We started off with soup.  Both of us ordered the broccoli cheddar soup.  It was absolutely fabulous!  We both agreed that it would be marvelous atop of one the huge baked potatoes we kept seeing come out of the kitchen.  (Note to self for next time.) Not long after we had finished up our soup, the pizza arrived at the table.  The BJ's Favorite Pizza. It was thick, covered in gorgeous toppings and oh sooo gooey!  At first, I didn't think it would fill us up.  7 fork worthy slices later, we were staring down the last piece debating on whether or not it would be doggy bag worthy.  With bellies practically at the overflow line, we were brought our pizookie.  Being his birthday, we went with the white chocolate macadamia nut w/ vanilla bean ice cream.  No words can describe.  It was that good.   The perfect dessert to top off the perfect dinner.

The service was terrific.  From seating us to feeding us, they didn't miss a beat!  They were over the top awesome!  Even when I asked whether or not they offered the obnoxious birthday singing services, she smiled, let me down nicely and suggest a free tiny pizookie with a candle.  PERFECT!  After a pathetic attempt at singing to him myself, I took much pride in watching him struggle to consume the coaster sized confection. *evil grin*  After which, we opted for a box for the last slice and headed home.  It made for very tasty day after lunch.

Other worthy notes: They were attentive to the baby.  All hot food and drinks was placed far away from the her.  Drinks were filled before either of us had the chance to play the soda shop blues.  Everything was delivered as ordered, hot and with out an real wait to speak of.  We were checked up on pretty regularly by at least 2 servers and the manager.  We never felt ignored or passed over.   On my KidLit Scale, I had to give the a 5 out of 5 because I couldn't give them 10!  Well, not with out change the scale, anyway.

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