Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Am A 2 Time Award Winner!!

Look at it.  Isn't it purrrrty? :0)

Not Blessed Mama gave it to me.  Not my first award.  Of course not! *psh* I'm BIG time!  I've got 2! 

Where's the other one?  Uhmm... well, here's the thing.  NBM blessed me with my first one too and... well... I don't know.  She gave it to me I never actually got it.  *hint hint nudge nudge wink wink*

Anyway, this award comes with a catch.  Whaaat?  A catch.  I have to DO something in order to properly receive this and show it off on my blog.  I need to share some things with you.  7 things actually.  7 things I haven't previously shared.  Little unknown facts, if you will.  And then, (yes, there is more) I need to pass on this little lovely to 15 others!!  And request the same out of them!!  However, I'm not sure I have 15 bloggers I can do that with.  One is already off my list because she already has it!!  I did think about passing on the award, but it's sooooo pretty!!!  And. I. WANT IT!  So, here we go:

7 Things About Me (whether you want to know about them or not):

1.  I have pretty bad claustrophobia.  I hate going through tunnels, in caves, small bathroom stalls, tiny cars (esp. the back seat),  pretty much anywhere I can lift my arms and hit the sides, front or back. 

2.  I don't do big crowds.  Partially because of the above and also because (like many of my fellow bloggers) I struggle with social awkwardness. The combo can be crippling at times.

3.  It's no secret that I am Bipolar.  However, one of the lovely symptoms of my disorder is OCD tendencies.  One such tendency is the mild obsession of contamination... predominantly, from my bathroom.  I can clean my kitchen.  I can wipe a poopy baby butt.  Can't clean my own bathroom.  Hubby or my Mom has to come in and do it.  Sometimes, I can push past it and get it done, but it's rare.  And it sucks!

4.  I used to dance.  A lot!  I used to do Jazz, Tap, Ballet (even pointe), Modern, and Hip Hop.  I stopped dances when I was 20 and replaced it with renaissance dancing in different historical reenactment groups.  Then, when I was 23, I started dancing ballroom: Swing, Tango, Rumba, Waltz, etc.  It was great!  I stopped when I met the love of my life (with 2 left feet.)   I miss it.

5.  I used to collect... things.  It started with little glass figurines, then children's books, apples, little yellow ducks, then polar bears, then... collections??  It was bad.  Then I saw hoarders.  I wasn't that bad, but... ya, that could have been me in 20 years.   Thank you TLC!

6.  Secret?  I cloth diaper because it's cheaper.  Not because it's green.   OWWW!!!  Don't hate. 

7.   Part of me really wishes I could go back to the day when all TV was free, I wasn't addicted to certain shows, the Internet and cell phones didn't exist and I owed a used beater of a car.   Why?  It was CHEAPER!!   We struggle for all the things that are now considered "basics"!  It's NUTS!  But like all of you, I can't do with out.   :0(

Sorry to end that on a downer note.  Let's move on to the next part share we?  15 bloggers that I think deserve this award!  Or, what I like to call it, the only bloggers I know!  Congrats to the 15 of you!  Please tell us your deepest darkest secrets and pass this pretty little award along.  Thanks!

And last but far from least
15. Jenny the Bloggess!  (Who has already been offered this award at LEAST one other time, but WTH she is worth several of them... she is my hero.)

So that's it!  If you are on this list, congrats.  I unknown thinks you rock enough to get this cool (pyramid) of a pretty pretty award.


KidLit said...

Not sure why 2 of the blogs names highlighted and the others did not. No less love.

Anonymous said...

I didn't tell The Blogess she was on my list- I figure 5000 people must do it daily, lol.
What award did I forget about??? I'm so forgetful! - NBM

shannan said...

your too funny. thanks for the laugh.......

Tina said...

Actually, I just created a new blog for my more's now -

KidLit said...

Oh wow! Cool! I like the title!! I will change it right now. Damn... that also means I have to update with your blog so I can get them in my email like I was. Okie Dokie.