Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Diary, HELP?!?

I am setting myself a new goal: Attempt to blog every day for a week.  Treat it like a diary of sorts.  Even if it means, it's screwy, off the wall, makes no sense, a grammatical nightmare, or not acceptable for others to read.

Why?  I suck at this blog thing.  Sometimes I think its because of my overly long "to-do" list.  Lots on it.  And let's face it, it takes a lot to avoid such a big list!  But I can't avoid it forever.   There are deadlines to meet, appointments to attend, starving nekkid children that won't allow you to stick them in a closet forever.  The pressure can get daunting.  And let me tell you, I do NOT do pressure well!

Today's List:

* Dishes   - Done!
* Laundry - getting there.
* General Pick Up - made the kids do that. 
* Change the bed - Done!
* Prep at least 1 box of JBF Consignment Items for sale - after the kids go to bed.
* Type up tags for yesterdays JBF box - what I should be doing now.
* Take pics of 1 box of eBay items - after the kids go to bed.
* Post yesterdays box of eBay items - What I should be doing now.
* Dinner - (That's an hour or 2 away and I'm no where near ready or it)
* Changed at least 6-8 diapers - 4 down and it's 4pm and no poop.  Oh ya... 8 diappie day for sure!
* Answer a MILLION questions, break up a thousand fights, and fix at least 1 broken toy - I think I hit my minimums already... again, only 4pm.
* Update my much neglected blog - By the time you read this?  Done.
* Clear my email - Done.
* Tweet at least once - Done.
* Update FaceBook - I was there and commented.  Does that count?   OH! this will post there. Done!
* Visit other blogs and comment in order to bring more great readers to my blog in the hopes that one day I am PR worthy -  HEH!  Ya, right... not going to happen today!  No wonder I suck at this.
* Keep up on refilling diapers so I'm not stuck with a poopy butt and no new diapers - So far so good!
* Eat -   Ummmmm.......
* Have at least one cup of coffee to avoid a headache or falling asleep at the computer or on a kid - 1 so far. Check!
* Wipe down the bathrooms -  Ummm... ya, no.
* Fold the clean laundry - Didn't I train the kids to do that?  TEACH.  I mean teach.  Oopsy.
* Vacuum -  How did THIS get on the list??  That isn't MY job!!!  Is it?  Well, crap.
* Prep any items that need to be shipped -  Oh CRAP!   *waves at package in the corner* Dang it.  Tomorrow!
* Supervise a play date - They need to be supervised? *listens* Eh, their fine.
* Bath the brats darling children! - Wait. What's today?  Nah, they can wait one more.
* Take a shower myself -  Wonder if I can...*sniffs armpits* Woah!  Ya, no skippin' that!  Maybe after they go to bed.
* Clean up my coupon binder (lots expired on 7/31) - Done!
* Get outside -  I will... I swear!    Later.

Whew!  I'm tired.  Maybe I should go play an online game to get my mind off it all.

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