Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... And a Party Horse Anecdote of sorts.

Daddy: Hey Punkie! Your horsie binkie is upside down.
Mommy: Horsie?!? That's a unicorn!
Daddy: (looks upside down) Oh! So it is.
I thought it was a horse in a party hat.
Mommy: (here I wanted to say something... anything...
but I couldn't catch my breath long enough between my
peels of uncontrollable laughter to form words.)

PS: You know when you suddenly remember things that you found hysterical hours/days/months/years later and it propels you into a crippling ball of giggles you can't get out of no how hard you try?  Ya, that happened later that night.  I was holding a very OUT baby .... with the party hat horsie bink in her mouth. 

She wasn't asleep for long.


Jessica said...

Nice job daddy with the party horse. Maybe that can be the theme of your baby's first birthday party.

KidLit said...

Hehehehe! Ya, that would have been cute. They probably do have that as a them somewhere too. :0)

Unfortunately, we had to combine her first birthdy party with her sisters 9th birthday party. Their birthdays are 3 days apart. We went with princesses. Although in hinesight, Divas would have been appropriate. LOL

KidLit said...

Ok, I sooo meant theme. Heh. *kicks keyboard*