Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where the Wild Things are Sleeping

Today is a busy busy day in the KidLit house hold.  We are preparing for our annual yard sale.  (This keeps us from being hoarders and ending up famous on TLC.)   I took a break because I HAD to share this:

I know. I know...  my kid.  Awwww.   Ya, ya, ya.  
Doesn't she totally look like she's starting a Wild Rumpus?!?
Put a crown on her head and she could easily be female Max!!
(hrmmm... note to self for Halloween)
The monsters are not going to know what hit them.
In fact, I kinda feel sorry for them.

If this post completely lost you, go get and read this book, and then read it to your children.  It's a classic and you have completely missed out on something wonderful.   You will thank me for it.   Or at least, your kids will.   You're sooo welcome!

Maurice Sendak, you rule!


Crazy Cricut Lady said...

Definitely looks like the start of a wild rumpus to me :)

KidLit said...

I know! Right? hehehehehehe