Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Guy Was Hot! The Dirt was NOT!

Nothing makes me open the door faster than a gorgeous guy offering to clean my carpets for free! 

Hello!  Sure!  Scrub my floor while I watch!  How much will you charge for me to watch you wash the rest of them?
  Oh, you aren't a carpet cleaner... You're a vacuum salesman?  Huh.  Ok, I'll listen to your shpeel so I can get one room cleaned.  Why not?  

Then, he did this:

Despite what you might be thinking, that is not a wicked game of twister on my floor.  It's the crap, my beloved Dyson MISSED!!! 

Kinda looks like trays of sand all over the place.  And pretty much, they were.   *shudder*

Like the name placement?  Creative, huh? 
Although I think it would have been funnier than hell if it has said
"Look what your piece of shit didn't pick up!" 

Clever. Clever.  You have my attention, but we are so broke, you can actually hear us creek.  Or... you would if you weren't busy vacuuming my floor on your hands and knees.

Awww... there's my poor Dyson.  Cryin' because it sucks!  Or... rather, it doesn't.

Ok, so what about the carpet cleaning? Didn't you promise to clean it? I only see a vacuum.
Not that I'm complaining too much...

BAM! It's a carpet cleaner too!  Wow... I want one.  :0(

Wait!  No. I can't afford it.  Don't give me those eyes.  Nothing you can say can change that fact. Seriously.  Wait... where are you going?  Don't go in there!  That's my ...  room.  :0o 
(Thank God I just cleaned up!!)

And then he did this to my bed...

Oh holy.... ok, I'll be sleeping on the ground from now on.
(I apologize for the pic quality.  Grabbed phone to take them.)

Man!  Now I REALLY want one.  That or a new bed.  *shudder*
But, I. Can't. Afford. It.
Not unless that thing also makes money. HAHAHAHA!!  
Or.  Maybe if you us sold the floor model or something.  Maybe dropped it by half the monthly price. 
But even then, it wouldn't fly.  Our credit SUCKS!  (again, unlike our Dyson.)

Then he got on the phone and did a lot of low talking in such a low tone I couldn't eaves drop well enough to hear him.  DAMN IT!  What was he saying.... wait.  What do I care.  So pretty.
(I know... it's hecka blurry. I so snuck that one. So bad. hehehehehe)

Wait. What? I wasn't taking your picture, I swear.... huh?  We can?  But I was joking!
The floor model?   REALLY? 

Wait. Still can't afford it.  Credit sucks.  Blah blah blah... Give it a try?  Well, ok.

TA-DA!!!  Our *almost* brand new Kirby!
Never thought in a million years I would buy one of these.

Then again, never thought in a million years, I would have an actual vacuum salesman knock on my door!
(let alone, a cute one.)

But he did.   AND very successfully sold me the most gorgeous vacuum/carpet cleaner/bed sucker at one hell of a price!  And he threw in a few really cool extras too. Not to mention the clean carpet and an afternoon full of eye candy. ;0)

Who says real men don't vacuum?!?

In all honesty, If you can swing it, I highly recommend one. The Kirby, not the cutie. Although, if you get the chance to score both, all power to you.   Anyway, Kirby was awesome and bent over backwards to work with us.   They have us for life. No.  Literally.  3 warranty's that state it.  Seriously!

Now did I really have to show all these pics to talk about the Kirby?  No.
I did that for you.
You are so welcome!


Tina said...

THANK YOU!!!! I think we need a new vacuum...hmm...

KidLit said...

You are sooooo welcome. ;0)

MonkeyMama said...
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MonkeyMama said...

Well Tina call me when this guy comes over for the demo lol

KidLit said...

Well, I'm dead curious as to what you said and deleted. LOL! Hey, maybe an MNO Kirby Sales Night! With drinks. ;0) hehehehehehe

Ro said...

I WANT IT!!!!!! Omg! I want it so bad .. I need my carpets cleaned.. wait..err

I had no clue there were still door to door vacuum salesguys.. dont you feel all 1950"s housewife! lol

KidLit said...

Pretty much. Wait... where did I put my pearls and high heels? The floor is lookin' a bit dirty. ;0)