Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Not Much... But It's A Start!

I have had it!!!!

I am sick and tired of avoiding the scale!  I avoid it, because it lies.   So, time to get a new one. 

Ok, no it doesn't.  And no, I'm not getting a new one.  It's me. 

This sucks.

But I have a plan.   A 3 part plan. 

1. I am going to walk at least 3... or 4... nights a week.   And I'm going to drag B with me because I live in the hood.  Well, at least on the one side of the block.  Maybe he could just follow behind me in the truck.  Ooooh!  Ya!  While blasting Eye of the Tiger for support!  No. Wait.  I hate that song.  Maybe Katie Perry or something.  I'll have to think about that part.

2. No more decadent coffee treats!  Well... err... ok, maybe less calorie enriched decadent coffee treats?  Ya.  Ya!  Venti Skinny Mochas!   That or regular Joe here at the house... with only a little hot choco in it.  (Cut me some slack!  Change is a gradual process and I'm just starting.)

3.  *sigh* (this one is going to be hard) *sucks it up* No more hittin' the M&M jar!  NOOOOOO!!!!  Ok ok ok ok ok... I can only have 5 M&Ms... once a day... for a week.  Ya.  Ok.  *whew* I can handle that.  But then, after that week... umm... 5 M&Ms every other day for a week.  I am not even going to do the math on that or I'll cry. Then... blah blah blah... you get the point.... No more M&Ms.   *cries a little bit*

Eventually.. I hope... I will be walking on a regular basis, I will have kicked the coffee habit (at least in part) and will no longer be addicted to M&Ms!

Pray for me. LOL  Or whatever it is you do for others for support.  Post here you're words of encouragement.  The more people I see post, the more I will feel obligated to follow through.  It will be like I'm letting so many people down if I quit.  Because doing it "for myself" has failed soooo many times in the past.

Much Love,

KidLit  ;0)