Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Last night my family and I took part in the 3rd annual Earth Hour.  I had just learned of it on FaceBook and after doing a quick bit of research, decided it sounded like something we could do with the kids that was not only easy and green, but also free and fun.  We were already planning a game night that night. Totally made sense.  We even got Grandma to turn off her TV and join in on the fun. :0)

  Uno Stacko by Candle Light.
Family Bonding with a Cause!


Kim said...

Uugghhhh.... Don't tell anyone, but we didn't do earth hour. I only turn on the lights when absolutely necessary already, cut me some slack! Hahaha.

KidLit said...

*sounds of slack being cut* There ya go. ;0)

Jean Cumbie said...

Wow! Awesome, we did it too. Funny enough it was reminiscent of the time we didn't pay the electric bill. :) Looks like it was fun!

Keep blogging, I'll keep reading!

KidLit said...

Funny, that is exactly how I prepped my kids. "Remember the time..."