Sunday, April 3, 2011

MESA: Where Nerds Are Grown With Love!

A few months back, my daughter joined MESA at school.  MESA stands for Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement.  Great program that helps under priviledged children (sadly, that includes our children off and on) learn the fun points of geekery in the hopes that they grow up to become the next Bill Gates and take over the world!!   Or, atleast someone who designs things that won't break.  Which is good too.  

Saturday was her first MESA Day competition.  She competed in Tetrahedral Kites and Kapla Blocks which she had to stack in a tower and balance an apple on the top. She never got to the apple part. Because the tallest/most stable towers win, she was not satisfied with her attempts and knocked them all down.

All the kids took a math test to start off with. Top 3 scores in each grade won a medal. Her school won a lot of medals! In the math test alone, their 3rd grade group sweeped! They also won medals in the kites, kapla blocks, water bottle rockets, popstick bridges, pop up books, macaroni cars, and a few others I can't recall.

Cait was not one of the winners, but she had fun. It was pretty awesome! :0)