Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!!

Hello everyone.  As you know, today is (or rather Friday, the day I typed this was) Earth Day. Now, whether or not you did something to celebrate, I don't care.  Far be it for me to jump all over you for not doing something to honor Mother Earth, when I pretty much sat on my keester and fiddle-farted with my laptop for most of the day.   HOWEVER, my kids did plenty!  
They helped their grandma plant our garden for the season.  This year they planted:
* corn
* green beans
* replace one of your artichoke plants because it was trampled on
* tomatoes (in a very generic topsy turvy)
* carrots and lettuce (both using some sort of bio-degradable strip with the seeds built in so they are evenly spaced and yet some how still all cramped too close together)
*  redirected our black berry bush (re-using part of our previously delapitated gazeebo)
* added a few more "wild flower mystery seeds" to where the California Poppys took over and choked out the rest of our previously beautiful & diverse array of flowers. (sounds a bit political to me)
* and planned out where to later add our pumpkin plants closer to mid-summer. (if not, you get pumpkins in August and well... they don't keep 'til Halloween.  We've tried.)

I don't know about you, but the whole adventure makes me tired just thinking about it.   But I'll be out there to enjoy it once the weather gets warmer and it's time to eat it all harvest.   ;0)

Pictures from previous years:

Small Pumpkins. Great for scarecrow butt cheeks. ;0)

Our smallest tomato year ever, but still not bad since we didn't plant any that year. 
Rogue tomato plants!  Gotta love them.

Ivy and what WAS our wild flowers... ignore the weeds.
Maybe THATs what choked them out.  Hrmm....  Nah!

This is what happens when you don't pick your artichokes in time.
Pretty isn't it?  Scotish Thistle anyone? ;0)

Haven away from home. ;0)
Ya, warning... with the pretty sunflowers comes bees.

But they're so pretty!!!

And eventually... yummy. ;0)

Happy Earth Day!!!!!


Not Blessed Mama said...

i'm so sad now. our seedlings got left out uncovered when it got really hot for a spell and :(. i guess it's not too late to start again. but kind of late to start from seeds. oh well.
happy earth day!

KidLit said...

Its not too late, mama. I say plant away!

Not Blessed Mama said...

I'll try!