Monday, November 14, 2011

Warning. Coupons Ahead May Seem Bigger Than They Appear!

General Warning About Any and All Future Coupon Posts:

This is a coupon post.  If you don't like these sort of posts and/or couponing in general, leave now.  Although, if you stay and read this, you may change your mind about couponing, jump on the band wagon and start saving yourself enough money to buy that fabulous _______ you have always wanted and have resigned yourself to only dreaming about because NO BODY has THAT kind of money in this current economy.  If that ends up being the case.... you are so welcome.  Send me CVS GC and we will call it even.  And maybe a pic of the ______ you bought.  (as long as it's not a before and after of some cosmetic surgery.  I'll pass.)  

Ok.  Warning done.   Back to your regularly (ya, right.) scheduled posts.

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