Sunday, October 2, 2011


So, if you're frugal shopping savvy, you've probably already figured out that this is going to be a blog entry on couponing.  If you're not frugal shopping savvy, then you've just learned it was a couponing entry and you're headed for the door.  STOP!!  Check it out.  You might like what you see and be tempted to try it out for yourself.   Come on.  It'll be fun.  I mean, hey... who couldn't stand to save a few dollars here and there?   You like free stuff, right?   Ya, I knew that would win you over.  Have a seat.

Today I went to CVS drug store.  I had my list, my ECBs (Extra Care Bucks = CVS money), my coupons, and I thought I had my $10 CVS GC (gift card) I had won on SwagBucks.  Upon inspection in the parking lot, I realized I had forgotten the GC, so I made some potential adjustments to my plan of attack before I went in.

Keep in mind, in great KidLit fashion, I did this trip on the very last possible day of the sale, guaranteeing some of the items on my list would no longer be available.  And there were.   But I didn't give up and run out of the store crying (like last time), I stuck to it, channeled my friend Tina, and adjusted my list yet again.

Here's what I finally ended up with:

All Items on Sale:
1 - 18 oz  Softsoap Body Wash $3  (1.89 off)
1 - 4 pk Softsoap Bar Soap $3  (1.59 off)
1 - 4 oz Colgate Optic Toothpaste $2.99  (1.80 off)
3 - 18 ct Trident $1 ea = $3  (.37 off ea = 1.11 off)
2 - 25.4 oz Garnier Fructis Shampoo $3.50 ea = $7 (3.49 off ea = 6.98 off)
3 Cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup  .59 ea = $1.77 (.40 off ea = 1.20 off)
1 - 40 ct Truvia  $3.99  (.70 off)
1 SweetTarts Roll of Candy .69  (.50 off)

Sales Discount Total: $15.77

Items Not on Sale:
1 CVS Green Bag Tag (attach to reusable bag to earn .25 each trip to CVS toward a $1 ECB)  .99

Subtotal:  $42.20 - $15.77 = $26.43

Coupons Used:
* $4 CVS Coupon: $4 off $20 or more purchase
* $1 CVS Coupon Garnier Fructis Shampoo
* $2 ECB: FaceBook Bonus for Voting on a ECB Video
* $3 ECB: CVS Birthday Gift.  Actually expired on the 9/28 but scanned just fine. :0)
* .50 ECB: 2% of My Quarterly Spending at CVS Awarded 10/1/11**
* .40 Manufacturer Coupon off 3 Cans of Campbell's Cooking Soups
* .75 Manufacturer Coupon off Truvia
* $1 Manufacturer Coupon off Garnier Fructis Shampoo
* .50 Manufacturer Coupon off Softsoap Bar Soap
* .75 Manufacturer Coupon off Softsoap Body Wash
* $1.50 Manufacturer Coupon off Colgate Optic White  Toothpaste
* .55 Manufacturer PEELIE Coupon off Truvia ***

** This one was a surprise.  I scanned my CVS card at the Big Red Coupon Machine (don't know the actual name, but look for it and scan your card as many times as it will let you and it will spit out all sorts of cool coupons, offers and stuff!)

*** This one was a double surprise!  Peelies are instant savings coupons that are stuck to the product and you peel off to use when you buy it.   This one was for .40 off.  She struggled to ring it up and manually entered it in as .55 off.  Not. Complaining.

Coupon Total: $15.95

New Subtotal: $26.43 - $15.95 = $10.48

Total:  $10.48 + .79 Sales Tax = $11.27 OOP (out of pocket)

Total Savings: $31.72  off  $42.20 or  75.17%

ECBs Earned:
$1  for buying 3 - 18 ct Trident Gum
$1  for buying 1 - 4 oz Colgate Optic Toothpaste
$4  for buying 2 Softsoap Products
I also got 1 more $4 off $20 or more
AND 1 - .25 Green Bag Tag. 3 more and I get 1 ECB. (This was yet another surprise.  She accidentally scanned the tag when she went to ring up the tag.  hehehehehehehe!)

Total ECBs Good for Next Time: $6 or $10 off $20.  (Some like to figure in the ECBs earned in their savings total.  If you do that, I paid about a buck.  I don't do that, because they do expire and they are worthless unless you actually use them.  It happens.)  OH! And don't forget I have that $10 GC I forgot at home.  So, that's $20 off my next purchase of $20 or more!


Hope this extra extra extra long post tempted you more than it scared you.   If it helps, CVS workers are used to couponers and tend to be very nice and very patient.  The chick standing behind you with one item tapping her foot and shooting you the "if looks could kill" stare?  Not so much.  But who gives a damn?  You're getting practically free stuff!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

Yeah! You made it to the bottom!  Sorry, no picture of my haul.   I know.  I suck.  Here.  To make it up to you, a pic of me holding a fist full of coupons:

You're welcome. ;0)


Tina said...

OMG!! I'm ULTRA proud of you!! You did an awesome job!! And the more you do it, the easier it will be. :) Thanks for the mention! :D

KidLit said...

Thanks Tina. That was my 4th or 5th trip to CVS. I'm getting better at it. I about backed out when I realized I forgot my gift card. Then I thought... WWTD. What would Tina do? Much love chick! And of COURSE I mentioned ya! ;0)