Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comfort in a Can!!

Today for lunch, I pulled out the last can of RavioliOs. 

This was a monumental moment.  I was about to share with my youngest, MY.  Only can. Of RavioliOs!  I doubted she realized the importance of this moment.  This was huge!  I mean, not only was I sharing the number one food in my comfort line up, I was sacrilegiously heating it up in the microwave... and at half the power.  *scream in horror*  I KNOW!!!!  Although I have smacked people for less... here I was, ruining a can of  O-Oh Deliciousness... for my daughter.  I half hoped she would make a face and push it away after one small taste. 

My hopes were dashed.

My daughter LOVES them! (Not that I blame her in the slightest)  With the first bite, she was "mmmmmm-"ing and nodding in utter approval as if to say "Good job, Mom!  This is the best!"  My heart sunk.  

"Hold up, sister!" I hear myself exclaim.  "These are MOMMY's O-Ohs! Don't get any crazy ideas now!"  This was followed up with more approving nods, a hand gesture that looked like a cross between "Hi" and "Give them to me and no one gets hurt", and a chant-like "uh-uh-uh-uh".

"You want more?" To which, she leaned over the highchair tray, eyes wide and mouth agape like she was more than willing to eat it right out of the bowl.   It was then I had to give in and realize... they were no longer just my O-Ohs.   I had to share. 

With a heavy heart, but a big smile, I proudly fed her 70% of the can.  They might have been a bit salty from the tears that fell, but I doubt she even noticed.

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shannan\ said...

Sharing is caring girl lol