Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yes yes yes.  I have been MIA for over a month now.  Leaving after previously posting I was MIA and including my picture on the side of a milk carton was unintentional genius on my part.  Very. Unintentional.

Now I'm MIB!  No. I'm not wearing a black suit and carrying a flashy thingy.  Although, the flashy thingy could be lots of fun.   But, no.  I've decided I'm Making It Back.  I know.  Sounds lame.  Trust me, it sounded much better in my head.

It could also stand for Mommy Is Back, but I thought that would be ultra lame considering most of my readers are mommy's and I'm far from anyone of my reader's mommy and I never stopped my mommy-like roles here.  So, ya... that doesn't work.  There were several things I could have stood for.  None of them any better than the last.  In truth, I typed it because, logically?  It was next in the alphabet. 

I know.  Ultra ultra lame. 

I should stop now before another ultra gets added to that.  So until next time, when I MIC (Make it Count).

Damn.  Too late.

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