Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coffee with a Smile. NO. Literally.

What better way to start the morning!  Nothing beats your preferred choice of breakfast beverage smiling back at you!

It was much more cheerful when I opened the cup.  But then I ran around like a mad woman looking for my damn camera and my coffee was all "Hey! You mind? I can only hold this smile for so long.  My face is starting to hurt.  I couldn't argue, so I hurried.  He's still smiling, but it's more of a "bitch, hurry and take the damn picture" kind of smile.  Again, I don't blame him.  It was a bit early to be chipper and he was going out of his way...  especially since his next stop was my stomach. 

What a nice guy, that coffee.
I probably should have tipped him.
Oh wait.
I did.


Not Blessed Mama said...

Actually, I think that smile fits you just fine. ;)

MonkeyMama said...

Love it!

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

This is why I love coffee :)