Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Yummy Teether! (a way over due review)

A couple months back, my daughter started teething. Big Time! At the same time, my girlfriend's son started teething too. Coincidentally, I won a $25 credit for Discovery Toys in a giveaway sponsored by fellow blogger and mom extraordinaire, Jennifer Bellucci a.k.a. Mum2Abby of "Home is Where They Send Us...". With my credit, I scored 2 of the greatest teethers ever! Bright red, very tactile stimulating and smelling (and I am assuming tasting) of yummy vanilla, this great toy was the instant favorite with my friend's son. It's easy to grip and has several chewable nubbies to choose from. It's name: The Super Yummy Teether. Perfect.

Now, I wanted to include pics of either or both kids going to town on their teethers. This proved to be impossible. My daughter still has not mastered holding it on her own very well and my friend's son never has it when I have my camera at the ready. I will get pics and when I do, they will be posted. Promise.

Other Great Points of the Teether:

* Bright Red! Can't miss it!

* Hole big enough to attach it a stroller, carrier, play center, etc. with links.

* Smells good!

* Decent size. No losing it in the diaper bag.

* The price! These great teethers were very affordable at $10 each.

* Very Durable!!

* Soft and relatively light weight. I say that, because it is a lot bigger than I had expected it to be. In fact, I was sure Libby was going to bash her own face with it upon her first fumble. Not so. Despite its hammer like appearance, it is very baby friendly, even for those new to the whole eye-hand thing.

So, in short: 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and the very first, not so coveted, KidLit's Keepers Award to Discovery Toy's Super Yummy Teether!! And another to Jen for her outstanding service! If you like Discovery Toys, show her some love and send your business her way. Oh, and her blog is awesome and worthy of your attention too. ;0)

For those who give two shakes, this was an unsolicited review. I was not asked nor was I paid to give it. While the teethers were free to me, they were a result of a blog give-away and were given with out any requirements. The views of this blog are of mine and mine alone, unless otherwise specified. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Blobbity blobbity. Bippity Boppity Boo!


shannan said...

kawaii seen the teether and said it that's chases. i do have to say i think its very cool and that the babies love it. shannan

Not Blessed Mama said...

you know what this makes me think of? maybe i should post it on the moms board.

KidLit said...

Shannan, thanks for the comment. :0)

NBM... I know. '0D hehehehe Was very VERY tempted to add that to my review, but I was trying to keep somewhat serious about it. ;0p