Friday, October 15, 2010

Iz Gots a Smart Cookie!

Warning. I'm gonna braaaaag. BIG TIME! I hate to be one of those parents.... but I am. For this next post anyway.

Today was the CST awards ceremony at my daughter's school. (CST = California Standards Test). In order to better explain what she recieved and why, I need to explain a few things about CST's scoring. Scores fall into the following categories: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, & Far Below Basic. The test is divided into 2 subjects: Mathematics & Language Arts (atleast in the 3rd & 4th grades anyway). Each subject has 6 small tests. The percentage of right answers for each individual test is added up to give the overall scores for each subject and range from 150 (rock bottom in Far Below Basic) to a perfect score of 600 (top score in Advanced). Because the two subjects are tallied seperately, it is possible to be in two different categories (ie: Basic/Proficient).

That been said, today the 3rd & 4th graders received awards based on their categories and other achievements. First, they called up those who recieved Proficient in one of the categories and 5 happy kiddos recieved certificates. Then, they called up those who recieved Proficient on both subjects and they recieved a certs; 7 or 8 kiddos. (My daughter's autistic friend from kinder was called up for the double pro certs and we were estatic for her!!) Then, 10 or so more kids were called up for certs because they recieved Advanced on one subject. I was SURE Cait would be in this group and I got a bit worried when she didn't get called. That left Advanced/Advanced. And she was called up... along with close to 30 other kiddos!! DAAANG!!! AND, they not only did they get their 2 certs, they recieved little wooden plaques as well.

*warm fuzzy feeling and a flood of tears* I was so proud!

Two more sets of awards were given out. 5 kids recieved trophies for scoring perfect scores in both subjects! Outstanding! And one boy recieved two trophies for being the most improved in both subjects since the previous year. He was so stoked! I'm sure his parents were too.

Tonight, I treated my smart little cookie to an afternoon on the town. We had ourselves some tall drinks at the Jamba Juice and then some serious petty damage at the Sanrio shop! WE know how to throw down, yo! '0)


Not Blessed Mama said...

how awesome!

KidLit said...

Kim. You rock. You are a true bud. ;0) <3