Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Would You Like Mayo With That?!?

Recently, I got an email from a great company informing me I would soon be receiving a package. That company was Influenster and that package was a VoxBox. Now, I have received a few such boxes in the past and have always been super happy with what I have found inside. Needless to say, I was truly excited. 

Reading further into the email, I realized it was for Hellmann's mayonnaise. Mayo? In a box? I was intrigued. Why would Hellmann's be sending mayo to testers on the West Coast? Hellmann's is an East Coast thing. Here Hellmann's goes by the name Best Food's. (You know, kind of like how Hardy's back East is Carl's Jr. here on in the West? Ya. Weird, but true.) I was doubting that was the reason for the VoxBox, but it did make me wonder. Eagerly, I waited for the box.

When it arrived, I ripped that sucker open like it was a chocolate Santa on Christmas morning. What could it be?!? A new flavor? A name change? New packaging?  AH!  NEW PACKAGING!!! So, naturally, I  whipped out my camera and conducted a full on photo shoot and unboxing video. Who wouldn't?

Check out the tip. Very pen like.

Right off the bat, I noticed the inverted bottle, the clear flared cap, and the pointed tip. First assumption, to get the most of your mayo, nothing really revolutionary. Several companies have flipped their labels in the name of drainage. How was this one different?  Only one way to find out. 


Ok, nothing special. Just a bologna sandwich. I do have a 4 year old with some really basic tastes. Although, I am sure this would work just as well (if not better) with a wonderful BLT on toasted 7 grain bread with bulging ripe red tomatoes, crispy romaine lettuce and delicious blankets of crisscrossed bacon. 


But not today.  Just bologna.  

I can dream.

The bottle design was great! It was easy to use. The tip didn't leak, I was able to put the mayo where I wanted. (The heart is a mess because I can't draw, ok? I was trying to be fancy. Don't judge.) The tip and cap closed easily with a tap on the counter and was clean. And with it's very tapered design, more mayo should squeeze out of the bottle, making less wasted mayo. That means no more awkward scraping of the bottle/jar with a knife that doesn't reach into all the nooks of the container. Love it!

You should always inspect the packages of things you eat. Gives for good reading material while you are eating it.  Although, I guess, it would be better to read it before eating it. But, what ever... the sides of this bottle were quite informative. Let's check them out, shall we?

On the one side, it shows the new changes.

*  See how it is indeed shaped like a pen... or a space ship. Rocket maybe? And this new #SqueezeMoreOut shape drains the mayo downward so when you squeeze the sides, you are more apt to get every last bite. 
*  The "Clean Lock Cap" which is so important. You do NOT want your mayo bottle looking like your ketchup bottle. (Which, when you think about it, isn't even stored upside down, so it doesn't have any real excuse for being so messy. Really.) 

*  And the "Precision Tip" which allows you to squeeze it exactly where you want it with more control.

The bottom says "Our unique design allows you to get more mayonnaise out without all the shaking, banging & mess. The bottle is new but the unmistakable taste of Hellmann's is still the same."

The other side shares a bit of info that may or may not be all that new. I don't know, I am not the greatest at keeping up with reading my mayo bottle. (Did I mention the 4 year old and lack of BLT time?)

Did you know they use Cage Free Eggs?!?!?  YES! They DO!

Bottle says, "Hellmann's is on a mission to use 100% cage free eggs in everything we make and we are pleased to say we are well on our way."

Now, I don't know for certain how close to that 100% they are. I am a bad blogger and didn't research that part. But most/some is better than none and for that, I am impressed. Kudos Hellmann's!

And, as an added bonus, it's Rich in Omega 3 ALA.  40% of the recommended daily allowance. 

I am happy with the new design. Same great taste, Great new bottle. Couple bits of info that are new (probably only to me) that make me more inclined to buy them again. I give it 5 thumbs ups and 2 stars!  A+++ on the numerical scale and lots of smilie face stickers. 

Thanks for reading. Hope to blog you a review again soon. But for now, I am off to buy bacon. I need a BLT fix bad.

~ KidLit

P.S. I was sent this product free to test and give my opinion on. No money was paid in either direction.  Thanks again.

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