Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dollar Tree Balloons Rock!

A couple of months ago, my brother-in-law posted on FaceBook a picture of my niece's $10 Elmo balloon. He was amazed on how well it was holding up after 2 weeks.

This sparked a conversation on helium balloons, their life expectancy and longevity. (Oh, the things you talk about once you become a parent. They are the things that make your childless friends roll their eyes and stop calling you.) I made mention on how we have had balloons that lasted up to a month and how they had been purchased at the Dollar Tree. Others said they too had purchased balloons from Dollar Tree that seemed to hang around for quite some time.

Shortly after this, my daughter Libby was born and Daddy bought her a cute pink Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger balloon from the hospital gift shop. Two days later, she came home and her God Mother purchased her 2 more cute pink balloons from the Dollar Tree. She is now 7 1/2 weeks old.

And so are the balloons. :0)

Gift shop balloon (on the floor):

Dollar Tree balloons (on the ceiling):

I'm not sure how much he purchase the Pooh Bear balloon for. Being a gift shop, it was probably somewhere around $10-15. I'm not slamming his purchase. Far from it. It was very sweet and the only gift she received while in the hospital. Once I remove the last of the helium, it will be placed in her baby keepsake box o' memories along side the other two because this balloon is special.

Now, from a frugal stand point. The price you pay for a helium balloon, (whether it be from a gift shop, grocery store or even a party supply store) is costly! I've priced them from anywhere between $3 and $35! Not kidding! Ok, so the $35 ones were huge, sang to you or had one of those recorders in them so you could add your own message, but still... IT'S A BALLOON!!! It's only going to last sooo long before it pops, deflates or floats away!! (Even if it does last 2 months) For the price you pay for one of these, you could buy several more! Or, buy the same amount you would have at the higher priced places and put the savings in your pocket. And chances are, it will last longer.

I have purchased a dozen or so balloons from the Dollar Tree for several birthday parties, used them as decorations and then handed them out as parting gifts to the little guests as they leave. The price I paid was the same some of the guests paid to gift the birthday child one balloon. ;0)

Does it have to be Dollar Tree, you ask? In my experience, I'd have to say yes. I've tried purchasing balloons from the other dollar store (who's name I will not mention because I do like them for other things... not that anyone beyond my 1 or 2 readers will ever read this. But just in case.) They charge a dollar for the empty balloon and extra to fill it!! I would not have followed through with my purchase of their balloons if they had not been ultra cute. Still not worth it! Died within 24 hours. Not kidding. :0( Since then, I have only purchased balloons from the Dollar Tree.

So I ask you, where are you going to buy your next balloon? ;0)

(Note: The views expressed in this blog are strictly my own and in no way was I compensated by Dollar Tree. However... if they want to... I'm all for it. <3 )


Not Bless'ed Mama said...

Yeah, I keep trying to get someone to compensate me for my views, and no luck. LOL. Ricky used to buy me those super expensive balloons from Bel Air that were $$$ and sang and were huge- massive waste of money! Glad he quit.

KidLit said...

Thank you for being my #1 reader! hehehe I know I have the occassional other reader, but they/she never posts responses. ;0)

Tina said...

I read too, just don't comment. lol :)

KidLit said...

<3 tina <3