Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Happened on Wordless Wednesday... and a few paragraphs.

Yesterday marked my Mother's 57th year on this planet (how many years she has spent on other planets, she has refused to comment).   To celebrate, we all went to Letherby's Family Creamery.   We had a modest dinner of sandwiches, soups and salads.  And of course, we followed it up with delicious ice cream for dessert.

But that isn't the main point behind this post.

On our way out of said Creamery, my beloved son tripped over a raise in the concrete/his own feet/ air (who really knows) and took a litteral nose dive.  Unfortunately, his hands were in his pockets (something his Dad is ALWAYS yelling at him for) so his nose broke his fall.   Luckily, it did not break in the process. 

As you can see, he is all too proud about his battle scar.

He cried all of maybe 10 seconds.  Long enough for mommy to run over and squish his face in her boobs with a knee-jerk reaction.  (I hope that stops soon.  Would be quite embarassing if I did that when he was a teen.  For him I mean.)  After that, he straightened up and pulled the strong "I'm alright Mom" routine.  Hrump.  Let me coddle ya for more than a few fleeting seconds will ya?!?  *sheesh*  When we got home, he got an "Obi Wan" bandaide, which made him feel tuff and he started walking around with aire about him, like he had won some sort of battle.  This morning, he ditched the bandaide and refused another.  On the playground, he soaked up the attention as he answered inquiries like "What happened to your FACE?!?" with a sense of pride.  One answer was quite simple:  "I fell on the ground like THIS!"  followed by sound affects and ninja like moves. 

My kid is all kinds of hero crazy.   I love him.   Hope he doesn't scar.

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