Friday, December 3, 2010

Out with the turkey... In with the tree.

I know I don't have many followers, however for the one or two I do have, I want to apologize for my absence. It has been hectic. But then are the holidays ever free of chaos? If this time of year is calm for you, I envy you immensely.

I don't know why, but week after Thanksgiving always seems to be the worst. I mean, there's still 3 weeks or so before Christmas, yet it seems more like 3 days. Black Friday gets everyone worked up into a panicked frenzy in which they never really seem to come down from until New Years! You get that feeling that you should have more done, when in essence, the Christmas portion of the "holidays" has just started! Even if you try to slow down and attempt to just take some of it in, you really can't because you have this checklist continuously playing over and over and over again in the back of your head. Normally, it's relatively quiet and keeps to the back of your brain. That is, until you see or hear a trigger word from the list.

Example: I'm at my kids school trying to enjoy the Winter Concert last year. I think I've left the hustle and bustle at the door. Then, from a row back, I hear a child say she wants more of her apple juice. And immediately, that check list pops up with a voice of authority and says "APPLES! Liam's allergic. Need to pick a pie he's ok with." Then from the right, you hear a mother comment how beautiful the schools tree is. "TREE! Gotta remember to water the tree. Don't want it to go brown and lose all its needles like last year." The class on the stage sings "We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year." "NEW YEAR! What ARE we doing for New Year?" Principal says "Please be sure to stay for punch and cookies." "COOKIES! Have to make sure we have all the ingredients for sugar cookies so we can bake them for Santa." Father to son "pull up your sock." SOCKS! Do we have an equal amount of stocking stuffers for each kid? Don't want to play favorites." And on... and on... and on.... the mind never really seems capable of taking a break!

I don't want it to be that way this year. I want to be able to stop and smell the tree, taste the cookies and drink in how blessed I am with out it being tainted by what I should be doing. And I hope the same for you.

Have a happy and quiet month. Even if the quiet is only from with in. ;0)

Our Goofy Christmas eCard From Last Year.


Not Blessed Mama said...

i am definitely in full fledged holiday panic mode. because now it's EVEN LESS than 3 weeks until christmas eve! panic panic!!!!! hahaha. ;)

KidLit said...

Thank you NBM... I think. ;0p